The Production of Ruby Red Grapefruit

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grapefruit34.jpgRuby red grapefruit is fairly new to the citrus family. Created by cross pollinating various other citrus fruit the ruby red grapefruit came about in the mid 1800s but it did not become very popular in the United States until the 1900s. The name for grapefruit came about because of the nature of how the fruit grows on the tree. These large fruit grow in clusters similar to grapes, in groupings of 10 to 20 fruit, but this varies greatly. At first it was only grown as a decorative tree in Florida but then in the late 1800s the commercial development of grapefruit started. Now the United States produces roughly 1/5th of the world's grapefruit.

The fruit grows on trees that average in height of about 15 to 20 feet but can grow to be as much as 50 feet with trunk a diameter ranges from 6 inches to 8 feet in diameter according to age. The tree grows full and round with shirt twigs that tote supple thorns. Like many other citrus trees, the ruby red grapefruit tree bares flowers that have 4 petals and are roughly 2 inches across. The ruby red grapefruit itself grows to about 4 to 6 inches in diameter in a roughly round or oblate shape. The skin is smooth finely dotted skin and a sharp, refreshing odor. The skin can vary in color from pale to pinkish while the inside of the ruby red grapefruit is generally a deep pink to ruby red color, hence the name: ruby red grapefruit. The fruit is generally composed of 10 to 14 segments with a thin membrane that is slightly bitter and come in both the seeded and seedless variations. When fully ripe the fruit is very juicy with an acid to sweet-acid flavor. Once picked, the fruit is either sold as is or is created into juice.

Once purchased by the consumer, it is typical for that the fruit is served as a breakfast item by cutting the ruby red grapefruit in half and either serving it as is or by adding sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves to it to counter the acidic flavor. After the 1970s trend 'ruby red grapefruit diet' consumers began to use grapefruit more widely in their diet by broiling the fruit, using the juice as a marinade, candying the flavor packed peel or by using it in fruit salads, fruit cups, fruit tarts and gelatin.

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