Things to Consider Before You Ship Grapefruit Baskets for the Holidays

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grapefruit12.jpgAlthough grapefruit it generally healthy to eat, this type of fruit is not for everyone so if you are planning to ship grapefruit to friends and family members for the holidays, make sure that you send them to the right people. Note that this fruit may cause allergies in some people and it may interact with certain types of medications. As it is, you should be very careful when choosing whom to ship grapefruit during the holidays.

Who are at risk of allergic reactions from grapefruits? Grapefruit belongs to the citrus family so people who are allergic to citrus may have some strong adverse reactions to this fruit. If you know somebody who is allergic to citrus, do not ship grapefruit to that person. You might end up getting into trouble if you ship grapefruit to that person.

Some people are sensitive to the oil in the peel of the grapefruit but not of the fruit itself. This means that as long as that person does not touch the peeling of the fruit, he or she will not suffer from any adverse reaction to the fruit. If you know someone who is allergic only to the oil in the peel of grapefruit, you might want to ship grapefruit juice to that person instead of fresh fruits.

Studies show that certain types of citrus fruits including grapefruit may have serious interactions with certain prescription drugs. As it is, grapefruit has the potential to increase or decrease the potency of certain drugs so you should think twice before you ship grapefruit to someone who is on medication. You see, grapefruit contains flavonoid compounds that may inhibit the special enzymes in the intestine, hindering the ability of the body to breakdown and absorb certain types of substances. The effect of grapefruit on special enzymes inside the stomach can go either way, sometimes it is beneficial, sometimes it is not. If you are not sure of the effect of grapefruit on someone who is taking medications, it is best not to ship grapefruit to this person.

What types of prescription drugs react adversely to grapefruit? Blood pressure drugs, psychiatric medications, immune suppressant drugs and impotency drugs may react adversely to grapefruit so unless advised by the doctor, people who are taking these types of prescription drugs should avoid grapefruit.

Is grapefruit safe for pregnant women? Unless the pregnant woman is allergic to grapefruit or is taking certain types of medication that may have adverse interaction with this fruit, this fruit is safe from the expectant mother. In fact, this fruit contains plenty of folic acid with is beneficial to fetus so if you have a friend who is pregnant and is not allergic to citrus, you should ship grapefruit to her.

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