Things to Consider When Before Navel Oranges as Gifts for Christmas

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Navel oranges make a wonderful Christmas gift because aside from being nutritious, they are also delightfully tasty, refreshingly sweet, and the navel orange season coincides with the Christmas holidays. Two things that make oranges Navel even more appealing are an easy-to-peel skin and their seedless characteristics.

I know that by now you are ecstatic to start buying baskets full of Navels and send them as holiday gifts, but hold your horses and let us first talk about the things you need to consider before buying sweet Navel oranges.

  • Make your basket or buy fruit gift baskets online? – personalizing your gift is an awesome idea. However, you need to take into consideration how much time it would take you to buy the materials you need to make an elegant gift basket, make the baskets, and purchase tons of fruits from the grocers. Another thing to think about is how long you would need to stock the Navel fruits and keep them fresh, and deliver the gift baskets one by one. If you think you won’t make it in time before the holidays, you may want to consider purchasing fruit gift baskets online. Doing so would allow you to spend more time with family and friends, plus the Navels your intended recipient will receive will surely be fresh and top quality.
  • Budget – Christmas is a gift-giving season and we tend to splurge a little bit on gifts we give our loved ones. But let us be reasonable and consider our financial capabilities. Before making a gift list, set the amount you will be spending on gifts to prevent getting bill-shocked and spending more than you can afford. Once you have set your budget start shopping for affordable orange navels or red navels. While keeping an eye on your budget, do not forget that quality comes at a price so don’t just buy the cheapest navel orange you can find online if you want to get the best navel oranges for your family and friends.
  • What to buy? – The sweet Navel orange is a winter orange so you can find different varieties during the Christmas season. You may choose from Cara Cara which is a sweet, mildly acidic navel fruit with pink flesh that boasts of strawberry and raspberry flavors; Fukumoto, a sweet-flavored red navel orange variety that ripens before the Washington Navel; Skaggs Bonanza, a medium to large navel orange that is sweet and rich in flavor; or the Robertson Navel, a moderately juicy fruit that is sweet and flavorful.
  • Where to buy? – A lot of websites sell orange and red navels. Choose wisely and buy from reputable sites. Make sure to select a company with a good product and a shipping warranty as that would ensure that your recipient would receive only farm-fresh, premium products on the day you intended for the gift to be delivered. If unsure, read the product reviews left by people who bought the product before you. If the company has received ample positive feedback from its previous customers, then it will likely do an excellent job for you as well.

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