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For the second year in a row, Americans are faced with the challenge of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday within pandemic guidelines. If you find this year that you have to eschew the sprawling, traditional gathering of extended family and loved ones for a smaller-scale Thanksgiving, take heart – there are lots of ways to show those you care about how thankful you are to have them even if you can’t all be together. Here are a few ideas for making Thanksgiving memorable and spreading the gratitude:

  1. Make it a Potluck. If you decide to forgo travel and celebrate with your “Covid Clique” at either your own house or theirs, go easy on yourselves by making it a potluck. Having everyone contribute a dish is a great way to limit leftovers, appeal to everyone’s tastes, and avoid having the prep and cleanup fall on just one person.
  • May we suggest: Pittman & Davis Smoked Turkeys. Our whole, top-quality turkeys, prepared traditionally or seasoned with lemon pepper, are pre-cooked and ready to heat and eat! Whether you gives our smoked meat gifts to others or serve them yourself, your family and friends will remember their flavor for years to come.
  1. Opt for Brunch. Do you have some friends and loved ones who are essential workers that may not be able to get home in time for dinner? What about family members with young children who will be worn out by the evening? Send them the fixings for a Thanksgiving breakfast to make their holiday special, and we’re sure they’ll feel your love from miles away!
  • May we suggest: Pittman & Davis Christmas Breakfast. Containing the fixings for an easy-to-make pancake breakfast (including Northwoods Maple Syrup), this box also holds our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit and a pound of Canadian Bacon (one of our popular gourmet meats).
  1. Send a Gift Basket. Gift baskets are ideal for sending to those loved ones you won’t be joining this year – and for presenting to those you are as a host/hostess gift! Our selection of Thanksgiving gifts from Pittman & Davis includes a wide variety of top-rated foods from our groves and orchards, kitchen and baker. From premium fresh fruit and dry fruit gifts to gourmet smoked meats to unique candies and cakes and more, you’ll have no trouble finding something for everyone on your Thanksgiving list.
  • May we Suggest: Uncle Dick’s Sampler. This outstanding variety food sampler has it all: fruit, cheese, meats and more. We’ve combined King Comice pears, Navel Oranges, 1 lb. of Canadian Bacon, 1 lb. of Havarti Cheese and one box of Sesame Water Crackers in mouthwatering assortment that anyone is sure to enjoy!
  1. Rethink your Bird. Pre-pandemic, purchasing a large turkey or ham was standard for large family gatherings. If you’re finding you have to go small this year, opt for a turkey breast instead of the whole bird. It’s a great way to save time, money and space in your fridge!
  1. Create a Dessert Buffet. Preparing desserts can take up a lot of your Thanksgiving meal prep time—especially if you’re trying to provide a variety of desserts for a variety of different tastes. Spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen by checking out Pittman & Davis’s assortment of pastry gifts!
  • May we suggest: Pittman & Davis Mini Bundt Cakes. These adorable little cakes make a pleasing presentation—almost too pretty to eat! Each box contains one each Triple Chocolate Dare, Yellow Rose Lemon, Pink Lemonade and Grasshopper Cakes. Whether you have these baked gifts deliver to a loved one or yourself, these will transform any holiday table!

A Thanksgiving gift basket from Pittman & Davis embodies what Thanksgiving is all about: delicious food, care, and great memories. Make this year special by shopping from our assortment of Thanksgiving offerings!

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