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Finding holiday gifts for the people you care is meant to be fun and satisfying, not stressful – but when your list is long and you’re not sure of your all your recipients’ personal tastes, it can quickly turn into a chore. Let Pittman & Davis help you find the right gifts for the people you work with, whether they’re your employees, office mates, project team, or boss – our selection of gifts will help make them feel special and appreciated!


  1. For your co-worker. Hopefully you get along well with all your co-workers, but if there’s one in particular who’s a special friend – e.g. the one you get coffee with in the morning, meet for lunch in the breakroom or a walk when the weather is fine, go for a drink at the end of the workday – you may want to remember her with something a little more special than a card this holiday season. Here are three ideas for unique fruit baskets that are both personal and affordable:
  • Six-Pack Combo Gift Box. Is your friend a health nut, or just a big citrus fan? At less than $30, this fragrant box of six big, sweet, seedless Ruby Red Grapefruit or six sweet, juicy Navel Oranges (or three of each) is special and budget friendly.
  • Giant Amaryllis. Brighten up their holiday with a gorgeous, colorful bloom in a pretty, reusable pot! Not only will our lovely flower provide weeks of fabulous color, with care, it will bloom again and again for years.
  • Sunshine Fruit Tray. Dried fruit Christmas gifts are a great alternative to fresh Christmas fruit baskets because they last longer and are healthy while still tasting like candy. This popular selection comes in a wicker tray and contains a pound of delectable dates, prunes, apricots, pears and cherries. At less than $35, it’s also shareable!


  1. For your team. Celebrate your team’s synergy with a small feast you can enjoy together in the breakroom! These are the people you work with most closely every day, and what better way to help cement your little group-within-a-group even more than by laughing, talking, and eating together while you talk about last year’s activities and plan next year’s?
  • Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake. This yummy morning treat is one of our best-sellers, and at just $30 you can afford to share it with your close-knit group. Serve it on a Friday morning before you break for the holiday – just add coffee or hot chocolate to put everyone in a holiday spirit!
  • 3-Cheese Classic Cheese Straws. It’s a good thing our pound tin of savories is only $32.99, because these nibbles go fast! Set them out and watch how fast they disappear…your grateful group will be asking where you got them, guaranteed!
  • King Comice Pears. Set out a box of our pear-fect King Comice Pears for your gang to enjoy on the job or grab a few and take home. We promise they’ll not have found fruit like this in the local stores!


  1. For your office. Do you want to make your employees’ holiday extra-special? Whether you’re putting out treats for your workers to enjoy during the days leading up to the holidays or gift your individual employees, our selection of corporate gift ideas for employees is sure to have just the right thing.
  • Bushel Combo Gift Box. For just $75, our Bushel Combo Gift Box contains 42 pounds of the best and freshest citrus fruit you can hope to find. Choose either a box of our famous sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, succulent Navel Oranges, or a mixture of both and leave it out for your workers to help themselves. It’s a nice break from the usual sugary treats!
  • Sweet Surprises Christmas Gift Bag. This is a great gift to send home to your employees because it contains something for everyone: tree-ripened citrus and seasonal sweets packed in a charming burlap bag.
  • Ho-Ho-Ho Basket. If you’re looking for a holiday fruit basket that will be a hit with your clients as well as your employees, look no further than this charming, fun tin packed with miniature editions of winter’s most popular fruits: Ruby Gems, Tiny Tim Navels and Lil’ Princess Pears.


  1. For your partners. When seeing out corporate gift baskets for employees, don’t forget about your business partner or management team. These are the people who help you keep things running smoothly – something that’s super-important during these challenging times.
  • House Favorites. Your colleagues will know you value them when you send them this combination of fresh fruit, nuts, candy, and other sweets.
  • Santa’s Variety Box. This food gift box includes everything from healthy fruit to sweet snacks designed to appeal to everyone from the kids to Grandma.
  • Friends & Family Gift Box. Have your colleagues stayed late with you to get the job done, sacrificing time spent with family? Show them and their families how much you appreciate it with the Friends & Family Gift Box. They’ll enjoy a selection that includes chocolate, salty crunch, and juicy sweetness!


  1. For your boss. Job satisfaction is a blessing, and if you’re happy where you are, you might want to thank your boss in more than just hard work for helping to create an environment in which you can thrive. A small token can go a long way in showing your appreciation!
  • Christmas Tree Pretzels. Presented in a pretty, seasonal tin, the sweet and salty tastes in these irresistible snacks are so scrumptious it’s hard to stop eating them!
  • Paperwhites & Decorative Tin. Delicate as snowflakes, your boss will enjoy these blooms – and your thoughtfulness – long after the season is over.
  • Starkrimson Pears. These gorgeous red pears look like they belong on the tree, not the table – but they’re delicious, with tender, sweet, smooth flesh and a subtle floral aroma. Sure to be a winner!
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