Use Ruby Red Grapefruit to Get Healthy Glowing Skin

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grapefruit23.jpgRuby Red grapefruit can give you the glowing, healthy skin you want without any chemicals or toxic ingredients. Save yourself the hundreds of dollars that skin care companies charge for high end cleansers and toners and buy a giant box of grapefruit instead. You can use those grapefruits to make your own skin care products at home. Ruby Red grapefruit really is all you need to have beautiful skin. Grapefruit is the best thing you can use on your skin if you have acne, oily skin, or other skin problems.

Ruby Red grapefruit juice is packed with anti bacterial and anti fungal power and can gently cleanse your skin and keep acne and other problems under control. Because grapefruit juice is so gentle on your skin you can use it multiple times per day to wash off grime, pollution, and makeup or sweat without drying your skin out. The soothing and sweet smell of fresh grapefruit juice will give your spirits a lift as well as making your skin look healthy. Try these easy to make grapefruit skin care products for yourself and you'll never go back to using commercial cleansers and toners.

Soothing Ruby Red grapefruit misting spray- This spray is great for helping to set makeup after a long morning, rehydrate your skin in a dry environment, or refresh your skin after being outdoors for a long time. Make sure that you use fresh Ruby Red grapefruit juice and keep it chilled if possible. In a small spray cosmetic bottle combine distilled water, grapefruit juice, and a drop of tea tree oil or orange essential oil. Mix well, and tuck into your purse or cosmetic bag. When you find that your skin is drying out, your makeup needs to be refreshed, or you just need a nice shot of citrus refreshment for your skin spray gently on your face and blot with a tissue or makeup wipe.

Healing Ruby Red grapefruit mask – Use this mask at least once a week to heal your skin from environmental damage, fight off any bacterial infections or other illnesses that could be attacking your skin, and to give your skin a beautiful pink glow. Peel and segment a grapefruit, making sure you remove all the pith. Put the segments in a blender with some fresh grapefruit juice. Mix in an egg white or two, just enough to stiffen the mixture once it's blended. Apply to your face and lie down for fifteen minutes. When the mask has hardened rinse with warm water and you'll look totally refreshed.

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