Ways to Say Thank You With A Gift Basket

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i love you like a mango

You don't have to be Emily Post to know that when someone does you a favor you should express gratitude, in one way or another. For a little favor, the words alone may suffice. But when someone really goes above and beyond the call of duty, you really should buy him or her something to show your appreciation. Whether it's helping you putting in a new pool or pulling strings to get your kid into the college of his/her choice, words may not be enough. In these more personal, involved scenarios, getting a gift is more than just good etiquette; it's the right thing to do!

What to get them?

There's no easy answer. If you know the recipient well, you might want to buy them something specific. But if you don't, the best gifts are generally ones you know they'll use. For many decades now, the gift basket has been the most popular present for those want to say thank you, but don't know what to buy. Here's when to give them.

1. During The Holidays

Family members that live thousands of miles apart are rarely able to get together as often as they like. So, when they can't make it home for the holidays, sending a nice gift basket packed with fresh fruit and gourmet delights is a nice, thoughtful way to say, “I wish I was there.”

2. Because it's Been a Banner Year

The reason gift baskets are the number one corporate gift and have been for decades is because business relationship can be a delicate thing. These days, most clients expect something from the companies they employ during the holiday season. When they get nothing in the mail, they often feel underappreciated. So if your top clients helped you post record profits, show them you care by sending them a gift basket before winter break.

3. Because You Know You Should

As we mentioned, when someone does you a big favor, words may not be enough. Sure, some folks are fine with a simple thank you, but others expect a quid pro quo of some kind. No, it doesn't have to be elaborate, personal, or even expensive–which is one reason why gift baskets are quite possibly the perfect thank-you gift. They aren't terrible personal and rarely take things overboard, but they do express a simple sentiment about as well as any other present.

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