What are the best pears for baking?

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I love dessert and consider baking an art where my imagination reigns supreme. It is also a magical wonder that basic ingredients can be turned into enticing desserts, which can be enjoyed and shared with loved ones. Moreover, baking makes the kitchen smell so good and can put everyone in a good mood even during the worst of the days.

I commonly use pears because they are versatile and can be used in any type of dessert that calls for a fruit ingredient.


Did you know that the pear is not originally from the United States? The pear fruit originated in China and Asia Minor, and then expanded to the Middle East. It was through the trade routes of the ancient world that pears were introduced to Europe. When colonists first arrived in the US they brought seeds with them and started cultivating different pear varieties which we now enjoy.

Pears for Baking

Although there are ten major pear varieties grown commercially in the United States not all of them may be used for baking because some types of pears, like Comice pear, have tender flesh that easily falls apart when exposed to heat.

The pear varieties ideal for baking are the Bosc red pear, red and green D’Anjou pears, Bartlett, Forelle, and Concorde pears. These pear varieties are best for cooking or baking as they can hold their form and flavor well even when cooked at high temperatures. Also, they do not easily turn brown after being cut.

Know More about Pears

There are many nutritious fruits out there and you may be asking, “why eat pears” or “are pears good for you?”

Pears like Comice pears and Danjou pears are packed with essential antioxidants, dietary fiber and plant compounds that can protect the body from harmful free radicals and may help reduce the risk of contracting heart diseases. Pear health benefits also include detoxification and treating diverticulosis.


  • How many calories in a pear? – There are 101 pear calories for every 178 g medium-sized fruit.
  • How many carbs in a pear? – One pear contains 27.1 g of carbohydrate, including 17.4 g of sugar and 5.52 g of fiber.
  • What can I do with pears? – Aside from eating them fresh out of hand, there are other yummy and different ways to eat pears. You can use them to make jams, poached pears, or turn them into a savory side dish. You may also use pears to make salads, soups or healthy appetizers.

Make sure to check out different pear recipes and start enjoying a smorgasbord of delightful dishes that make use of pears.

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