What are the types of pears?

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It is good to drink lots of water and eat juicy fruits in summer to keep you cool and hydrated. Summer fruits not only refresh you, but they also provide vitamins and minerals needed to stay healthy and strong.

One summer fruit that is great for snacking, cooking, and baking is the pear. Pears are not only juicy and delicious. They are also packed with nutrients and offer numerous health benefits.

Types of Pears

All pears are categorized into two types: Asian and European. Asian pears have the same yellow-tan color, crispy texture, and look very much like an apple. European pears, on the other hand, are what we usually see in the market and have smooth-skin with a typical bottom-heavy shape.

Worldwide there are about 3000 known pear varieties but we will only be talking about the most common types of pears grown and found here in the United States.

  • Anjou Pears come in green and red colors and are considered to be the most common pears found in grocery stores and supermarkets. You can easily tell an Anjou pear from other varieties by its egg-shaped, short, plump body. This pear is notoriously juicy and firm and offers a sweet mellow flavor.
  • Bartlett Pears are the traditional canning pears that have a definitive citrus aroma packed inside a juicy, mild-flavored flesh. The Bartlett Pear is soft and easily bruises especially when ripe.
  • Comice Pears are for you if you want a juicy, sugary-sweet, and creamy green or red pear. Comice Pears are fine-textured pears with an earthy, fruity flavor and aroma. These luscious fruits are great for snacking but can be used to make scrumptious baked pear recipes.
  • Bosc Pears can be spotted right away because of their elongated, skinny necks and thick, brown skin. This variety is densely sweet and wonderfully flavorful with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg when ripe. The Bosc pear lives up to its moniker “Christmas Pear”.
  • Concorde Pears are elegantly shaped pears with an exceptionally long neck and rounded bottom. This variety is supremely sweet and fragrant with hints of vanilla. They are good for eating out of hand but can also be used in baking and poaching as they hold their shape well even when cooked at high temperatures.

Pear Nutrition

Are pears good for you? Yes, they are a good source of vitamin A and C, dietary fiber, copper, magnesium, B-complex and phenolic compounds that boosts the immune system and help ward off illnesses.

If you are watching your weight and diet you may be wondering, “How many calories are there in a pear”? Don’t worry there is more water than calories in pear. A single, medium-sized fruit contains 101 pear calories and 6g of dietary fiber, which can help you feel sated longer compared to eating other fruits. Now your next question would most likely be, “How many carbs are there in a pear”? When you eat a 178g pear serving you consume about 27g of carbs.

Aside from helping to keep your weight in check, there are other pear health benefits you can enjoy like a healthier heart, reduced risk of acquiring diabetes, and anti-cancer benefits as antioxidant and flavonoid compounds in pears fight off free radicals that can cause cancer.

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