What Do Cara Cara Oranges Taste Like?

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Cara Cara Orange flavor is like no other fruit. Less tangy than other oranges due to its low acidity, Cara Cara Oranges are very sweet and have been described as having red berry overtones, reminiscent of cherries, raspberries or cranberries.

Cara Caras are a navel orange variety. When you think of navel oranges, what probably comes to your mind first is the classic Washington Navel Orange (also known as the Florida or California Navel). It may surprise you know what there are other types of navel orange available, but what defines a navel orange is the second, undeveloped “twin” fruit at the stem end, a characteristic of the navels grafted nature. This is why navel oranges are seedless.

Here are the answers to five common questions about this delicious, snackable citrus treat:

What are Cara Cara Oranges?

A Cara Cara Orange is the result of the cross-pollination of a Washington Navel Orange and a Brazilian Bahia Navel Orange. Once the orange blossoms are pollinated, medium-sized oranges with an incredibly sweet citrus flavor come to be.

Like all navel oranges, Cara Cara Navel Orange are seedless, round and have a bright orange, shiny peel. You’ll notice the difference between a Cara Cara and a Classic Navel as soon as you peel it, however, because the Cara Cara Orange has pinky-red flesh. This is due to the presence of lycopene (a beneficial antioxidant) in the fruit that also gives it its unique flavor.

Where are Cara Cara Oranges Grown?

Venezuela is where are Cara Cara Oranges from originally (they were first discovered in the mid-1970s), but nowadays they’re mostly grown in California. When they first arrived in the United States they were only sold in select markets, and even today they can be difficult to find in conventional grocery stores.

What’s the best way to eat a Cara Cara Orange?

You can eat Cara Cara Oranges just as you would other types of navel oranges! Peeling away the rind and eating them section by section, blending them into smoothies or a fresh-squeezed glass of juice, and making citrus curd are just a few of great ways to use Cara Caras. They also make a beautiful addition to salads.

When can I buy Cara Cara Oranges?

To determine when are Cara Cara Oranges in season, keep in mind that they are technically a “winter” orange. Happily, though, they have a long peak season – December through April, in fact, so you should have no trouble finding them if you know where to look. Which brings us to…

Where can I buy Cara Cara Oranges?

If you’re wondering where to buy Cara Cara Oranges because you haven’t seen them in stores, wonder no further…you can buy Cara Cara Oranges online! You can find Cara Cara oranges for sale at Pittman & Davis whenever they’re in season. And when you buy Cara Cara Oranges from Pittman & Davis, you’ll know you’re getting the freshest and best fruit available! We’re sure you’ll be satisfied (and if you’re not, we won’t rest until you are). Keep them in the fridge and they’ll last for up to two weeks!

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