What Fruit is Available in Autumn?

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When you think of delicious, fresh fruit, spring and summer might be the seasons that first spring to mind. But the end of the warm season doesn’t mean the end of fresh, seasonal fruit gifts by any means. No matter what time of year it is, premium fruit fresh from the orchard is yours for the asking! So, what gifts of fruit are available during the fall?

The fall fruit season in the United States is defined as September, October, and November. At this time of year, you can order fruit boxes from Pittman & Davis containing fruit gift ideas for you and your loved ones. Here are a few:

  • Fuji Apples. Fall just wouldn’t be fall without an apple fruit box from Pittman & Davis. Apples are the quintessential fall fruit and come in many, many varieties, but Fujis are one of the most popular. With good reason, too – crispy, juicy, and oh-so-sweet, they make a perfect afternoon snack on their own and can be used for cooking and making into seasonal fall centerpieces as well.
  • Pears. Don’t forget about pears, the other fall fruit! An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but fresh pears are just as good – and just as much a staple in your fall fruit gift box. There are over a thousand varieties of pears to choose from, and you’ll far more pear fruit gifts online than you will in your local grocery store, whether you prefer Starkrimson, D’Anjou, or Comice. We even now offer Asian pears! Like apples, slices of pears are wonderful as game day snacks or holiday finger foods when served with cheese and crackers, and they offer many different flavors to complement the season.
  • Citrus. Many of our customers feel that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a citrus fruit delivery from Pittman & Davis. Citrus season actually starts during in the fall (November, to be exact), and there are so many wonderful, fragrant, and beautiful varieties that add deliciousness and vibrancy to short, dark days, from sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit to seedless Navel Oranges to easy-to-peel Holiday Sugar Belles, plus many more.

Why You Should Eat Fruit That’s in Season

One of the best things about ordering a fruit assortment delivery from Pittman & Davis is that you get to try varieties of fresh fruit you might not find easily in stores. And when you shop with us, you’ll still enjoy fruit that’s fresh in season. Here’s some advantages to this:

  • Buying seasonal fruits saves you money. Fruits are at their least expensive when you buy them in season.
  • Seasonal fruit offer the most nutrition. At Pittman & Davis, our fresh fruit gift boxes are rushed to you and your loved ones so that you can enjoy them at their peak of nutritional value.
  • In-season fruits provide the nutrition you most need. The fresh foods you eat in season contain the vitamins you need for that season – for instance, the vitamin C in citrus fruits helps you stay healthy during cold and flu season.

What’s the Best Way to Store Fall Produce?

Got more fruit in your fresh fruit gift boxes than you know what to do with? Eating it fresh out of hand isn’t the only way to enjoy fresh fruit! In addition to snacking on it out of hand, fresh fruit can be used in many sweet and savory recipes. You can also store it to use later – check out our tips for preserving pears, making marmalades, drying fruit and more on our blog!

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