When is a Good Time to Send a Gift Basket?

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When is a good time to send a gift basket? You’re better off asking, when isn’t it a good time to send a gift basket! Did the holidays creep up on you, or did a special event (like a birthday or anniversary) you’re your mind? We get it – between work, family, and personal obligations, life can get pretty busy. That’s where Pittman & Davis comes in – we make finding the right gift easy for you, and you don’t even have to worry about wrapping or delivering it because we take care of all that, too. Plus, our fruit and gourmet food gifts are always ripe, hand-selected, beautifully presented and perfect for any occasion. Not to mention easy to send using your phone or laptop! Worried a gift basket may not be right for the occasion? Don’t be – fruit baskets truly are perfect (and welcomed and appreciated) most any time! Here are six occasions where a fruit gift basket is the perfect choice:


Sending beautifully presented baskets for gifts is a convenient yet thoughtful gift option that is sure to be appreciated – and not just for Christmas! Thanksgiving, Easter, Mother’s Day…the assortment of items inside a gift basket is sure to have something for everyone, and they can be shared with the whole family to make your thoughtfulness go even further. In fact, a holiday fruit tray is a perfect gift for entertainers: all they have to do to get the party started is set it out!

  • Unique Gift Idea: Uncle Dick’s Sampler


    If someone you love has a birthday coming up, but you just don’t have any idea what to get him or her this year. Pittman & Davis can help. Does your recipient live far away? If you can’t get together in person this year you can send fruits online, and you won’t even have to worry about the wrapping – we’ll make sure it looks great! And it doesn’t have to be fruit (or just fruit), either – we have lots of unique sweets and gourmet treats that are sure to make their birthday special.

  • Unique Gift Idea: Yellow Rose Lemon Cake

    Get Well

    Is someone you care about recovering from an illness? Send oranges! Most people suffering from colds or other viruses have been told at one time or another to drink lots of orange juice. That’s because oranges and other citrus fruits are packed full of vitamin C, which not only boosts your immune system so you’re less likely to get sick, it also helps your body heal so you get well faster. Plus, there’s nothing quite so cheering to look at as a box of colorful, fragrant Navel Oranges and Ruby Red Grapefruit!

  • Unique Idea: Sunshine Fruit Tray


    If someone you care about is suffering through the loss of a loved one, you might want to send fresh fruit in lieu of flowers. An arrangement of fresh fruit can be just as lovely as an arrangement of flowers, and even better, it’s thoughtful. There’s a reason for the tradition of presenting gifts of food to the bereaved: the truth is, a grieving person may be too caught up with making arrangements as well as his or her own emotions to want to bother with such mundane chores as grocery shopping. Food gifts let them cross one more thing off the list, and as fruit is a staple in most households, you can’t go wrong.

  • Unique Idea: Friends & Family Gift Box

    Thank You

    If you want to express your appreciation, you really can’t go wrong with a thank you fruit arrangement. The arrival of a beautiful arrangement of fruit and snacks is sure to make the recipient smile as your gratitude shines through every item within. Especially if it’s unexpected! A big favor or gesture deserves a special thank-you, and your Pittman & Davis gift will leave no one in doubt about how you feel.

  • Unique Gift Idea: Dee’s Medley


    Sending a special couple a citrus fruit gift basket containing decadent chocolate, cheese and crackers, and other gourmet goodies is like sending them a romantic picnic hamper for two! Historically speaking, fruit is actually the traditional gift to a couple celebrating their fourth anniversary, but it’s great any year – particularly for those couples who have been married a while and don’t need anything to add to their households. The same goes for other gourmet food gifts – add a little romance to the happy couple’s special occasion with a scrumptious cake or other sweets!

  • Unique Idea: Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake

Again, the above are just six occasions when sending a gift basket is a appropriate. Others includes congratulations, retirement, business, housewarming, new baby, and much more! So when you’re having trouble deciding, make gifting easy on yourself with a wonderful arrangement from Pittman & Davis.

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