When is Honeybell Season?

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Honeybells are heavenly treats grown in Florida and Texas with limited availability. There aren’t that many fruits produced annually, and they are only in season from December through early February. With its wondrous bell-shape and its peak season coinciding with the Christmas holiday, Honeybell oranges are aptly called Christmas oranges.

Honeybell Origin

The Honeybell fruit, also known as Minneola tangelo, is a large, juicy, sweet citrus fruit that is a result of cross-pollination between the tart Duncan grapefruit and the flavorful Dancy mandarin. It was named after Minneola, Florida and was released by the USDA Horticultural Research Station in Orlando in 1931.

Honeybell Tangelos are unique in that they have more juice than flesh and they have a honey-like flavor you cannot find in other oranges. Moreover, they have easily distinguished bell-shaped tops that people associate with Christmas, although the shape was not intentional and was just a mutation that occurred when the Honeybell orange was created.

Facts on Honeybell Tangerines

  • Honeybell fruit is the size of an adult fist and contains more juice than flesh (you can fill a cup with just two fruits), and has the perfect ratio of sweet and tart flavor making it a wonderful juicing fruit.
  • When you buy Honeybells you will be amazed to find out that the aromatic skin is thin and easy to peel which makes it a perfect snacking fruit. Just beware of the juice though as it would surely drip down your chin once you take a bite.
  • Honeybells oranges are a tad more expensive than other oranges. It is because of the care employed to bring each fruit to perfection as it ripens before clipping the delicate fruit from the stem one by one, then packing them carefully to avoid bruising and ruining the premium fruit during shipping.
  • Because of its limited availability, people who are in the know order Honeybell oranges months before the harvesting season begins to make sure they get their hands on these precious oranges. If you want to have a chance of biting into the heavenly Texas Honeybell oranges, order and buy Honeybell oranges as early as today.
  • Texas Honeybells are equally exquisite as the famed Florida Honeybells. With their size, flavor and juice content they can go head to head with the Honeybells of the other state. On top of that, Texas farms offer free shipping so you can order as much as you want without worrying about additional shipping fees.
  • Aside from eating them fresh out of hand, you may also use Honeybell tangelos on all sorts of dishes. You can toss them in fruit and green salads, mix them to make fruit drinks, make marinades and vinaigrettes, and use them to flavor meat and chicken recipes to add a wonderful aroma and flavor to your dishes.

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