Where Does Your Grapefruit Drink Come From?

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You drive out the drigrapefruit10.jpgveway and as if on auto-pilot, navigate to your local grocery store to get your supplies for the week or perhaps the next few days. You bag your vegetables and then your fruit. You then wander the aisles looking for treats and then finally reach the refrigerator section and reach in to get a carton of your favorite grapefruit drink. You stare at it and think about the wonderful weather where these delicious fruits are produced and dream about going there to help at a local orchard if only for a day to help smell the bitter sweet fruit in its natural home. You imagine yourself picking the fruit and then you realize you know nothing about the process of how that fruit becomes the grapefruit drink that you are holding. You continue on with your shopping, check out, return home, put your groceries away and then make your way to the computer to find out exactly how your grapefruit drink makes it to your glass. Seems a silly personal mission of the day, but no one else knows, and to your amazement, you found this article which only goes to show that you are not the only person interested in being more connected to your foods and beverages.

You should start by getting to know the basics. Your delicious zesty grapefruit drink comes from the shaddock also known as the grapefruit, fruit that derives from the cross-breeding of an orange and a pomelo. This is why you will see similar characteristics not only visually, but also nutritionally between these citrus fruits. Unlike its parent fruits, grapefruits grow in clusters like grapes, hence how the name came about. It is a bitter and sweet fruit that is also described as sour and it comes with a large array of colored flesh. The most common are yellow to pale orange but grapefruit can also have dark red flesh, and this is where the name Ruby Red Grapefruit came about and the reason why your grapefruit drink may vary in color depending on the kind you buy. The fruit is harvested from the orchard and either juiced at the orchard or sold to major manufacturers of grapefruit drinks. The fruit is then mechanically squeezed and either made into concentrated grapefruit drink mix or it is placed in cartons to be sold as a fresh squeezed grapefruit drink either on its own or sold blended with other citrus fruits. The juice is then transported to your local grocery store, generally by truck and in some instances freight and then truck to ensure that it is fresh upon arrival.

Then you come in and wander to the refrigerator section and buy it, take it home and pour yourself a glass or mix up your favorite grapefruit drink!

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