Which Oranges are the Sweetest?

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We buy oranges because we know they are good sources of vitamins A and C – powerful antioxidants that can help stave off infection and fight common colds. But besides the numerous health benefits of eating nutritious fresh oranges, we can also derive great joy from eating the juiciest, tastiest, and sweetest varieties of oranges.

With dozens of different variety of oranges to choose from you may find yourself wondering which ones are the best. You may be asking yourself, “what are the best Florida oranges?” or “which Texas oranges for sale would give me the best bang for my buck?” or “can California Valencia oranges beat all other cultivars because of their supreme juiciness?”

Sweet Oranges

Winter is the season for oranges. However, did you know that there are orange varieties available in other seasons too? Well, if you are an enthusiast and worried that you might not be able to eat oranges during certain months rest assured that there will always be an available orange for you to enjoy all year round.

  • Navel Orangeconsidered to be one of the sweetest orange varieties you can find in winter. Navels are seedless oranges with a distinguishable “navel-like” formation found opposite the stem end which is caused by a rudimentary second fruit that grew inside the skin of the primary fruit. Premium Navel oranges are great for munching or snacking because they have easy-to-peel skin, are seedless, and are terrifically sweet. Navel orange season starts in November and extends well into June.
  • Cara Cara Orangesare hybrid red navel oranges that offer the sweet taste and rich flavor of a regular Navel Orange plus a hint of red fruit like cranberry or blackberry. The seedless Cara Cara oranges also offer a higher amount of Vitamin A than regular Navels. You can buy Cara Cara Navel oranges from December until May. Pre-order oranges online and once they become available the farm will deliver them to your doorstep.
  • Valencia Orange – Valencia oranges are in season during summer. They make the most perfectly balanced, sweet-tart, refreshing orange juice. Oranges Valencia are perfect for juicing because the juice doesn’t turn bitter after some time, unlike Navel juice. You can make juice from Valencia Oranges and store it in the refrigerator for weeks without the juice losing flavor or turning bitter. You can purchase Valencia oranges online from March through September.
  • Temple Orange – when you buy orange gifts make sure to include Temple Oranges which are hybrids of Mandarin Orange and Sweet Orange. Temple Oranges have a thin, easy-to-peel, bright red-orange, glossy, fragrant rind that is slightly rough. This orange variety contains about 20 cream-colored seeds that are divided into the 10-11 segments per fruit. Texas Temple Oranges have tender flesh with a complex flavor – bright and tangy complemented by tinges of warm, sugary spice. This Texas Orange fruit is in season during late winter through early spring.
  • Honeybell Orangesthis orange and grapefruit hybrid is another premium orange that is available in winter. This Christmas Orange fruit has a distinct bell shape and offers an amazingly sweet flavor from its sweet mandarin parent, balanced out by a tinge of tart flavor from its grapefruit ancestor. Honey Bell Oranges are premium mail-order Florida oranges that are terrifically juicy and honey-sweet. They can be eaten fresh out of hand, tossed in a salad, or juiced. It is hard to find Honeybell Oranges at grocery stores due to their limited availability, but you can order these oranges online. Citrus farms harvest Honeybells from December until early February but they go out of stock early due to high demand. If you wish to get your hands of some you should pre-order Honeybell oranges before the harvest season.
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