Why are Honey Tangerines So Popular?

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Of all the tangerine varieties on the market, honey tangerines are consistently some of the best-selling of all. Why is this? Certainly it isn’t just dumb luck on the part of those who grow them. The truth is that honey tangerines are unique, and whether it’s their use in culinary applications, particularly in a number of ethnic foods, or the uncanny sweetness they provide, a number of factors contribute to their widespread popularity.

First of all, honey tangerines are excellent in cooking. They make a great addition to salads because their sweetness is at the perfect level to cut through any other flavor that may be present. Furthermore, they are excellent in desserts. Many like to use them alongside strawberries or other citrus fruits like oranges or grapefruits, and they’re said to pair wonderfully with several flavors of ice cream. Another way to use them is to mount one along the rim of a cocktail to be mixed into the drink if desired.

Not only that, but they’re excellent for fowl and seafood dishes. A Thanksgiving turkey should pair nicely alongside a dressing containing sections of this tangerine, and many find adding them to sauces and vinaigrette to be a delicious option.

It also seems that honey tangerines are the citrus fruit of choice for a number of traditional foods from all corners of the globe. Asian cuisine, Mediterranean meals, and Mexican desserts often include this variety of tangerine, and it has got to be its trademark sweetness that makes this tangerine so popular for so dishes on a worldwide scale.

Honey tangerines actually have a reputation for being sweeter than any other tangerine on the market. They get so sweet from being allowed to stay on the tree and ripen in the sun for longer than other varieties. Though they do contain seeds and may have tougher peels than other tangerines, being rewarded with their signature sweetness makes eating one well worth the additional effort.

Grown in Florida, Texas, and other states in the United States Sun Belt, honey tangerines are popular all over the world. They are also grown in other parts of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and in Mediterranean climates. While it’s easy to see why they are so widely-used in the preparation of so many dishes, it’s a shame not to enjoy these excellent tangerines on their own. One seed at a time and one tear of the peel after another, anyone who experiences the delicious rush provided by this fruit becomes an instant convert to its cause.

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