Why Are Tangerines So Tangy?

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tangerines3.jpgIt's no wonder that so many people enjoy tangerines. They're great to pair with a granola bar for a grab-and-go breakfast, they make the perfect refreshing 3pm snack, and they taste great in salads, desserts and jellies. Tangerines are smaller than other oranges with an easy-to-peel skin, so they're a quick and simple fruit to eat. Tangerines are a perfect way to get a serving of fruit into your kids because they are generally enjoyable to eat. Not too big, not too sour, colorful and willing to shed their skin, tangerines are a user-friendly fruit!

Tangerine Benefits
Tangerines are packed with vitamin C, so pick some up for the whole family during cold and flu season! Vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant that helps your body to defend itself against cancer-causing free radicals and heart disease. It also boosts the immune system to fend off all sorts of illness and viruses. Vitamin C keeps the gums healthy and helps your body to produce collagen in the muscles. Lastly, tangerines are a good source of beta-carotene, which preserves your eyesight for continued healthy vision.

Even though they're smaller than regular oranges, tangerines are just as juicy and satisfying without being quite so large and messy. Tangerines are also sweeter than most oranges, but still retain just a slight tartness that most people enjoy. To pick out a great tangerine, give them a gentle squeeze. You will want to select the fruits that are firm to slightly soft, with no obvious indentations. A pebbly skin is normal for all tangerines. Pick them up from the grocery store while you can because tangerines are only in season for a comparatively short period of time.
Thank-You to the South
Along with many of our other favorite citrus fruits, tangerine are grown in fruit groves in Florida, then exported to a variety of commercial markets. Florida ranks number one in the United States for tangerine production. There are thousands of growers who cultivate, sample and test their citrus fruit to assure premium quality. The sandy soil and sub-tropical temperatures that Florida enjoys make it the perfect fertile ground on which to plant citrus fruit trees. It's no surprise that 620 000 acres of Florida soil are accounted for by fruit groves. With its huge domestic and export markets and centuries of success, Florida's citrus fruit industry is infamous. Support the South and boost your own health by choosing tangerines the next time you're in the grocery store.

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