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The first American grapefruit crops were planted in Florida in 1823. And though the climate and soil were perfect for the new fruit, the grapefruit was not a hit in the Sunshine State. One reason for the chilly reception was that the orange had come in Florida several centuries earlier and there was already a burgeoning industry. Another reason was that people did not like the taste. They thought that it was simply too sour.

Years later, the grapefruit would achieve success in South Texas. Just like Florida, South Texas has the ideal climate for growing grapefruit, namely a subtropical one. And just like in Florida the locals were not keen on the taste of the new fruit. That was until a new variety of grapefruit was discovered in 1929.

This new grapefruit had red flesh instead of white or pink. Farmers also claimed that it was much sweeter and juicer than it forebears and the local citizens agreed! Before long, this new “Ruby” red gave birth to the grapefruit industry in Texas.

The fruit became so popular that Texas officially eliminated the pink and red varieties in 1962. By that time the Lone Star State was shipping nearly a million tons of grapefruit a year. And though their impressive production figures were eventually surpassed by Florida, most grapefruit lovers maintain that the sweetest and juiciest grapefruits are still made in Texas.

How do you get your hands on a real Texas grapefruit? Well, you can try your local supermarket. The only problem is that grapefruit from Texas can be quite expensive and sometimes hard to find (unless you live in Texas). Fortunately, there are companies that sell online grapefruit.

We know it sounds a bit strange…buying online grapefruit. Really, who buys fruit in the mail? But the truth is people have been sending fruit in the mail for ages now. In fact, most online grapefruit is sold in gift baskets. Individual buyers, on the other hand, often buy trays of fruit. These purchases are almost always sent special delivery, often by UPS or FedEx; thereby ensuring online grapefruit arrives safe and fresh in only a day or two.

The price of online grapefruit does vary a bit depending on where you live. If you are thousands of miles from Texas, shipping costs could be prohibitive unless you buy in bulk. Since most companies offer significant discounts for large purchases, bulk buying may be the only way to affordably get your hands on real Texas grapefruit.

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