Why Gift Baskets are Still the Perfect Business Gift

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The holidays are coming, and presenting your valued customers, clients, and team members with a gift is a great way to make them feel appreciated, strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones!

Corporate gifting has become standard practice for many businesses. But what should you give your business contacts? If you want to show your gratitude and make an impression at the same time, you should choose carefully to ensure your gift is one that your recipients will truly appreciate. After all, a cheap plastic water bottle with your company’s logo on it isn’t likely going to make much of an impression!

We at Pittman & Davis believe you just can’t go wrong when sending gourmet fruit baskets. Here are just 5 reasons why fruit gift baskets make such great business gifts:

  1. Gifting Pittman & Davis Gift Baskets is Easy. Our friendly, trained agents work hard on your Gift List so you don’t have to. Shop with us once, and we’ll preserve your personal Gift List so it’s easy for you to update year after year. We’ll even include customized recommendations for you, from healthy, delicious citrus fruits to exquisite meats to decadent sweets. We also offer three easy ways to place your order: online, by telephone, or through USPS. Budgeting is easy when you shop with us, too, because the prices you see in our catalog are our total prices – standard shipping and handling is included.
  1. Gift Baskets Offer Great Variety. You may know how your clients like to do business, but do you know what home décor they like? What food allergies or dietary restrictions they may have? What their taste is in clothing? Probably not, and that’s why fresh fruit gift baskets that offer a variety of items will help you get around this difficulty. Choosing a gift basket that contains an assortment of items gives your gift recipients a selection and increases the likelihood that your gift will contain something they actually like. As for what they don’t like…well, those can be shared around, which leads us to reason three.
  1. Gift Baskets can be Shared. When you send a gift basket to a client, there’s a good chance your client will share the contents. Now, while it’s great to know that your gift is less likely to go to waste, knowing your gift is being shared is even better for the opportunity to expand your business’s reach! A carefully and beautifully packed gift box or gift basket containing premium fresh fruit and other treats from Pittman & Davis naturally attracts attention, and when your clients’ co-workers, friends or family members see it, there’s a good chance they’ll ask your clients where it came from.
  1. Gift Baskets Offer Selection. Pittman & Davis’s huge selection of gift options means you don’t have to send the same thing year after year. Our grapefruit gift baskets containing other citrus and orchard fruits are always hugely popular and well-rated, but you can also choose from among dried fruit trays, pastry gift baskets, smoked meats, candies and more. Keeping your gifts new and fresh year after year will show your customers and employees you truly care to send them something special.
  1. A Pittman & Davis Gift Basket can be Chosen to Fit Most Any Budget. At Pittman & Davis, we make certain that every item – from our most expensive to our least expensive – is done right, packed carefully so it’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate. It doesn’t have to cost a lot (indeed, when you go the food route, it’s easy to find high-quality corporate gifts under $30), and by taking the extra effort you’re helping your business to shine.

Many consumers feel that businesses have lost their homespun values, and that customer service is at a lower premium than ever before. By going to the trouble to send gifts to your employees, clients, and prospects, you show that your company has that personal touch that so many buyers miss. We at Pittman & Davis look forward to helping you add that personal touch!

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