Why Grapefruit is the Perfect Year Round Food

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grapefruit16.jpgEating a grapefruit everyday is recommended by many doctors and nutritionists as a way to stay healthy, maintain a good weight, and help protect yourself from serious diseases like heart disease and cancer. You might think that you would get tired of eating the same thing everyday even though it's strongly recommended, but you can eat grapefruit everyday throughout the year and not get tired of it. If you're committed to getting healthy or staying healthy eating the same thing everyday is a small price to pay for good health. Plus, there are so many different ways that you can eat grapefruit you can really eat it throughout the year and never get bored with it no matter how many grapefruit you eat in a day. Here are just some of the ways that you can incorporate grapefruit into your daily diet and never get sick of eating this tasty fruit:

Eat seasonally – Different types of grapefruit are in season during different parts of the year. While there is some overlap in the growing seasons for grapefruit you can often enjoy a different type of grapefruit during every season of the year. Or, you can order several different kinds of grapefruit and eat different grapefruits throughout the day to keep the flavor from getting boring. Trying new varieties of grapefruit or making salads and other dishes that incorporate different kinds of grapefruit are great ways to never get bored eating this healthy fruit. Eating seasonal fruit is also a great way to support farmers and individual growers who work throughout the year to maintain their citrus fruit groves.

Change up your recipes – There are hundreds of different ways to eat grapefruits. You can combine them with oranges and tangerines for a nutrient packed citrus fruit salad, or you can use grapefruit juice with other citrus fruit juice in smoothies and other recipes to get the benefits of grapefruit no matter what your personal tastes are. Fresh fruit is one of the healthiest things you can eat, and with so many ways to enjoy it you can eat as much as you want and never eat it the same way twice unless you want to. If you don't have time to try an exotic new recipe simply mix grapefruit juice with another sweet citrus juice, like Clementine juice, and add some ginger ale or seltzer to make a tasty citrus spritzer. Replace your daily soda with a citrus drink and you will be amazed at how much better you will feel.

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