Why Pregnant Women Should Eat Ample Amounts of Navel Oranges

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oranges9.jpgNavel oranges are some of the healthiest citrus fruits available in the market today. When taken in the right amount, navel oranges can help prevent certain types of disorders ranging from bone problems, heart disorders, anemia and others. Generally, this type of fruit is suitable for pregnant women who are not allergic to citrus fruits. Studies show that expectant mothers who eat at least one piece of orange a day are less prone to infection that those who do eat oranges at all. According to experts, a medium size orange can provide up to 130% RDA for Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to help tamper the body's resistance against diseases so eating at least one orange a day can help expectant mothers stay healthy and strong throughout their pregnancy.

Vitamin C does not only help protect pregnant women from infection, it also helps prevent certain serious medical conditions including cancer and arteriosclerosis. Note that Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that absorbs cancer causing free radicals in the body so eating navel oranges is equivalent to sending a thousand armies into the body to hunt and eliminate free radicals that can cause cancer. Aside from protecting the body against free radicals, the Vitamin C in navel oranges can help keep the artery walls healthy and flexible, thus, preventing arteriosclerosis or hardening of the artery walls.

Navel oranges are rich in Vitamin B6 that is essential for hemoglobin production. Studies show that Vitamin B6, especially the one generated from fruits and vegetables, can help normalize the production of oxygen carrying hemoglobin in the body. As it is, pregnant women who consume the right amount of Vitamin B6 are less likely to suffer from hemoglobin deficiency.

What benefits do navel oranges have on the fetus? Navel oranges contain vitamin B and folic acid that are important to the proper development of the brain. According to studies, folic acid can help promote neural development so expectant mothers should take enough folic acid to keep their unborn child mentally healthy. Moreover, the iron and potassium found in navel oranges can help protect the heart and the entire cardiovascular system so babies can benefit a lot from this type of fruit.

Can pregnant women eat unlimited amounts of navel oranges? Although some pregnant women can eat 5 to 6 six navel oranges a day without suffering from any side effects, some expectant mothers have low tolerance to this type of fruit. As it is, some doctors recommend that pregnant women should not eat more than 2 to 3 regular size oranges per day to stay healthy. Note that oranges are naturally acidic so women who are prone to stomach acidity should limit their intake of this type of fruit to avoid heartburns and stomach cramps. Moreover, navel oranges may have laxative effects on certain women so those who have weak stomachs should eat this type of fruit in moderation.

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