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The perfect citrus gift in the perfect package, the Clementine is a petite, easy to peel, sweet seedless citrus fruit that everyone is sure to love. Less acidic than oranges, this delightful fruit is a favorite choice for all ages.

A Divine History

The Clementine’s heavenly flavor was discovered by Father Clement Rodier in the garden of his orphanage in the 1890s and has continued to be selectively bred by Spanish monks, but they are now grown carefully in select regions of the US. The tastiest come from the hottest regions, and these are the groves we select for our gifts to you.

Nutrition Information

  • 35 calories
    • 0 g. fat
    • 9 g. carbohydrates
    • 7 g. sugars

Send a sweet gift!

Try our Clementines on their own or as part of a variety gift basket. Any way you send them, they make a gift that everyone on your list can appreciate.