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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats There is no doubt these traditional favorites will have everyone feeling jolly good. This red collection of Boston baked beans, cinnamon bears, Swedish fish and cherry slices will be a family favorite! After all, don’t we all have fond memories of being a child in our favorite candy…


Fresh-Baked Pastries

…cake. Each fresh-baked cake is handmade with farm fresh eggs, cultured sour cream and pure bourbon vanilla. This is Ned's favorite cake, and for a good reason - it's delicious. Certified Kosher. * Ship coffee cakes to family and friends * Handmade with fresh ingredients * Choose from two flavors *…

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Old World or Raspberry Baklava

…with cinnamon and spice or raspberry puree. The thin layers are stacked atop one another, with honey drenched between each layer, and baked to a flaky goodness. Sliced in the traditional diamond shape pattern. It’s dessert perfection. * Traditional or Raspberry Baklava * Send as a gift to family…

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