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Canadian Bacon

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Canadian Bacon

Canadian Bacon Treat someone special to Canadian Bacon, the finest breakfast meat of all. It's not like regular bacon because it is from the lean, tender eye of the fine pork loin with almost no fat. Hickory-smoked, fully cooked and ready to eat, Canadian Bacon is sweet and tender with exquisite…

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Uncle Dicks Sampler

…Oranges, 1 lb. of Canadian Bacon, 1 lb. of Havarti Cheese and one box of Sesame Water Crackers in mouthwatering assortment that anyone is sure to enjoy. The rich buttery Havarti Cheese is imported from Denmark and melds perfectly with our signature Hickory-smoked Canadian Bacon and sweet, juicy…

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Christmas Breakfast

…including stone ground, Buckwheat Pancake Mix, real Northwoods Maple Syrup, Smoked Canadian Bacon, plus Ruby Red Grapefruit or a mix of Ruby Red and Navel Oranges. The pancakes are easy to make and the Canadian Bacon is pre-cooked, making your family’s special morning a no-stress event for you. A…

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Party Pack Ready to Serve

…pre-sliced for no-fuss serving. This flavor-filled box contains one pound each of pre-sliced fully-cooked smoked peppered ham, pork tenderloin, Canadian bacon and turkey breast, along with one 8 oz. waxed cheddar cheese and apple summer sausage. Easy to serve, delightful to taste. * Meat and cheese…

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Related Categories Meat | Pork Loin | Bacon | Ham | Canb | Gift | Arbt | Pears And Havarti