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Christmas Tree Pretzels

…any holiday party table. So affordable, you can send them to your family and friends plus keep some on hand for your own holiday entertaining. Our candy makers take crisp, salty Christmas tree shaped pretzels and liberally cover them in high quality creamy white chocolate and sugar sprinkles. The…

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Southern Pecan Toffee

…just the right crunchy sweetness. Have these on hand for your guests or send them to your loved ones and spread Southern charm far and wide for the holidays. * Hard toffee candy covered in chocolate. * A Southern-inspired delicacy. * Made with premium pecans. Contents * 13 oz Southern Pecan Toffee

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Gummy Fruit Salad

Gummy Fruit Salad Here’s a sweet gift: everyone’s favorite fruit flavors combined in an addictive, sweet and sour gummy candy. Our grapefruit gummy candy has long been a customer favorite, and now we’ve added orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon and lime flavors to the lineup. Shaped like real fruit and…

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Chocolate-Covered Treats & Sweets Basket

Chocolate-Covered Treats & Sweets Basket The chocolate-lover in your life is going to be thrilled when this basket arrives, and no wonder! This gift is packed with crunchy chocolate-flavored pretzels, luscious chocolate-covered bing cherries, real coconut bites topped with crunchy pecans…


Chocolate Caramel Pecan Whoopies

Chocolate Caramel Pecan Whoopies We call this chocolate, caramel and pecans candy confection Whoopie because that’s what everyone will say when they try them. We don’t know if it’s their irresistible chocolate and caramel scent or the fresh, crunchy pecans that’s so enticing. Your friends will love…

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Fruit Medley

…dried natural Strawberries, Bing Cherries and Blueberries, drenched them in creamy milk chocolate and encased each in a thin candy shell. Part fruit, part candy, this gift is sure to appeal to anyone on your list. It’s attractively displayed in a gold gift tin. * Chocolate covered fruit…

Starting at$28.99

Truck O’ Treats

…keepsake decorations. It's just the right size to set on a table or sideboard for festive family gatherings. Fill it with your favorite wrapped candy to enjoy it throughout the holiday season. Contents * 3 Fuji Apples * 3 Clementines * 2 Lil' Princess Pears * 6 oz. Cinnamon Caramel & Pecan Popcorn…

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Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks Send this to a dark chocolate fan for a can’t-miss gift. Sweet, tangy orange gel candy, covered in exquisite, rich, dark chocolate form a harmony of scrumptious flavors they won't be able to resist. These delectable orange sticks make a great after-dinner treat, but…

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Pecan Pralines

…is unchanged today. These are loaded with pecans mixed into a buttery, sugary batter for a pure, rich and creamy delight. They’re irresistible on their own, or mix praline pieces into ice cream for an extra special treat. * Traditional Old South recipe * Loaded with pecans * Gift for candy lovers

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Winter Spiced Caramels

…so that’s what we did! Packed in a charming snowman tin, these delightful confections are destined to become a holiday tradition. * 1 lb Chai-spiced caramels enrobed in rich milk chocolate * Arrives packed in a charming, reusable snowman tin * Perfect gift for candy lovers and chocolate lovers


SugarN Spice & Everything Pecan

…and these candied pecans take it to the next level. We’ve combined our most popular flavors of candied Pecan Halves into one addictive gift. Orange, Praline, Cinnamon, and Amaretto pecans are cooked to a rich, crispy goodness and arrive in a silver gift box. * 3 flavors of candied pecans * Great…

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Georgia Peaches

…producing sugar, Tree-ripened to perfection in southern Georgia until they’re supremely sweet and juicy, these peaches are like natural fruit candy! Be warned – the season is short and the crop is small, so take advantage of these sumptuously sweet fruits while you can. * Tree-ripened to…

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Starting at$34.99

Family Favorites

Family Favorites Gift Box This gift delivers tons of variety at a great price! Packed with two kinds of citrus, cookies, nuts, candy and chocolate, this tasteful gift satisfies every craving a family could have. Send friends and family two sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, nine juicy Tiny Tim Navels, White…


Pecan Divinity

…large pecan half. One bite and you'll be sighing with sweet pleasure. Individually wrapped and packed in an attractive gift tin. * Light meringue candy * Topped with a pecan half * A divine treat for all ages * Packed in a gift tin Contents DIV * 16 wrapped Pecan Divinity pieces DIV1 * 8 wrapped…

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Starting at$23.99

Traditional Fruit Cake

…traditional fruit cake is the consummate yuletide taste treat. Choose any of the sizes listed here, or our fruitcake in individually wrapped slices for extra freshness. * Traditional recipe fruitcake * Made with premium nuts, candied fruits and bourbon * Three sizes available to suit any size family

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Starting at$32.99

Yuletide Trays

…fruit comes from us, there’s a real difference they can taste. We’ve satisfied the sweet and treat lovers too, with cookies, truffles, candies and more, all made to our exacting standards and delivered fresh. This food basket brings smiles to anyone on your gift list, and the reusable…

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Starting at$46.99

The Christmas Collection

…bliss in a box! * Christmas food gift * Fruit and gourmet candy * Perfect size gift for singles or couples * Affordable gift Contents * 2 Navel Oranges * 2 Mountain Apples * 2 King Comice Pears * 3 oz. Butterscotch Candies * 3.75 oz. Candy Brittle * 2.5 oz. Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies * 3 Blood…

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House Favorites

…Favorites When you send this generous gift box, it’s like taking a tantalizing tour of our groves, orchards, bakery and candy kitchen. This combination of fresh fruit, nuts, candy and other sweets satisfies every taste on the planet—which is why our customers keep coming back for it! Gourmet fruit…

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Starting at$54.99

Merry Christmas Greetings Box

…gift that says Merry Christmas in chocolate * Chocolate with large, seedless Navel Oranges * Chocolate covered pecans and chocolate caramel pecan candy included * Great balance of indulgent and healthy snacks Contents * 3 ½” x 2” chocolate plaque * 14 Navel Oranges * 24 Chocolate covered pecans *…

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Glad Tidings Gift Box

Glad Tidings Gift Box Spread some holiday cheer with this festive, snowman-themed gift box! It brings glad tidings of great joy with an assortment of gourmet goodies consisting of 3 each small but oh-so-sweet Tiny Tim Navel Oranges, Mini Fuji Apples and Princess Pears – all the perfect size…


Mimis Christmas

Mimi’s Christmas Whether you called her Mimi, Grandma, or Nana, she made Christmas special. This box of fruit, nuts and candy recalls childhood holidays at Mimi’s house. When you send this delightful food gift, you’re taking its lucky recipient back to nostalgic days in Mimi’s kitchen. An assortment…

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Sunshine Fruit Tray

…dried, moist, tender and sweet array of fancy fruit includes delectable dates, prunes, apricots, pears, pineapples and cherries. Tastes as good as candy, but it’s full of healthful fiber and antioxidants. Arrives attractively displayed on a reusable wicker tray. * Popular dried fruit assortment *…

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Starting at$34.99