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Aged Cheddar Cheese

Aged Cheddar Cheese Cheese makes a perfect holiday gift! Everyone loves it, and it’s an entertaining must-have. Our pure, natural Wisconsin Cheddar is sure to please. It’s fully aged - at least 6 months and with no added dyes. This marvelous cheddar is sealed in wax to lock in the fine texture,…

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Royal Havarti Cheese

Royal Havarti Cheese When you send this cheese, a favorite in the Royal Danish Palace, your friends will feel like royalty. This splendidly rich, mildly tangy, semi-soft cheese is named after a farm near Copenhagen where it was created. The rindless cut surface is a creamy yellow with a myriad of…

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Starting at$27.99

Pears & Artisan Cheeses

…of our favorite cheeses, hand-made by some of the world's most respected cheesemakers in small-batch kitchens. Havarti is a semi-soft cheese from Denmark with a buttery, creamy, sweet flavor. British Cheddar, an aged cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, is a hard cheese with a sharp,…

Starting at$39.99

Asiago & White Cheddar Chardonnay Cheese Balls

Asagio and White Cheddar Cheese Balls A cheese ball is a party must-have, and ours are some of the best you’ll find. Send one or both of these savory cheese blends to friends and family or serve them at your next gathering. The fantastic Asiago Cheese Ball is a cross between Cheddar and Parmesan…

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King Comice Pears and Havarti Cheese

Cheese Send this pear and cheese duo to the foodies on your list. It’s the perfect pear-ing! Comice pears are buttery, succulent and very sweet. Paired with the creamy texture and mild, nutty flavor of our Havarti cheese, this combination makes a wonderful gourmet treat. Danish Havarti cheese is…


Memorable Holidays Assortment

…Prairie Dog Bites, Salty Dog Chocolate Bar and Apple Summer Sausage. * Large food gift box * Great for larger families or offices * Includes fruit, cheese, sweets and more Contents Memorable Holiday Assortment * 4 King Comice Pears * 2 Mountain Apples * 2 Navel Oranges * 3 oz. French Butter Cookies…

Starting at$44.99

Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Gift Basket

Gourmet Fruit & Cheese Gift Basket Sweet, juicy Navel Oranges, crispy Fuji Apples, delectable King Comice Pears and artisan cheddar cheese make a winning combination – especially when combined with satisfyingly crunchy, gourmet mixed nuts and chewy, naturally-sweet dried fruit! The rich,…

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Family Celebration

…The fruit is complemented by carefully selected artisan Havarti Cheese, perfect for pairing with the pears and apples; Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers to add some salt and crunch to the cheese, and traditional Southern Cheese Straws. What takes this gift over the top is our American Grown Snack…


3-Cheese & Classic Cheese Straws

…soon after we took this photo). Classic cheese straws are made with cheddar cheese, butter and spices. Our 3-Cheese Straws combine the incredible flavors of cheddar, parmesan and bleu with garlic and basil. Cheesy, slightly spicy and totally tasty. * Cheese straws in two flavors * Affordable gift…

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Starting at$32.99

Harvest Select

…cheddar cheese. It’s a gift sure to delight everyone on your list, and the price will delight you! * Variety food gift * Fruit, cheese and nuts * Makes a great holiday appetizer presentation Contents * 4 Comice Pears * 2 Fuji Apples * 6 oz. Cashews and Almonds nut mix * 8 oz. Aged Cheddar Cheese

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All-Occasion Gift Basket

…cheddar cheese * Comes packed in a reusable sturdy, handwoven water hyacinth basket * A perfect gift for any occasion Contents: * 2 Navel Oranges * 2 Fuji Apples * 2 King Comice Pears * 4 oz. Chocolate-Covered Cherries * 6 oz. American-Grown Snack Mix * 7 oz. Coastal British Cheddar Cheese * 6 oz.…


King Comice Pears and Stilton Blue Cheese

Comice Pears and Stilton Blue Cheese If you love blue cheese, you'll adore our Georgian Stilton. Still made from the traditional recipe and methods of centuries ago, this historic blue cheese is imported directly from England. Its rich, creamy texture and complex, robust flavor are the perfect…

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Hummingbird Cake

…pineapple, banana, and chopped pecans, plus the warmth and sweetness of pure brown sugar. Each two-layer cake is coated with a decadent cream cheese frosting to seal in the moisture, then sprinkled with all-natural toasted coconut. Whether sending to yourself, or to family and friends - we guarantee…

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Comice Pears Plus Christmas Tree Cheddar

…sweet Comice Pears and cheddar cheese make a winning combination, especially when the cheddar is shaped into a festive Christmas tree! This special Christmas tree shaped cheddar is made at a family farm near Schulenburg, Texas. It's a creamy, rich cheddar that is a cheese lover's dream. Pair it with…

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Uncle Dicks Sampler

…variety food sampler has it all: fruit, cheese, meats and more. It’s named for Ned's brother, Dick Davis, who would have loved this combo! We've combined King Comice pears, Navel Oranges, 1 lb. of Canadian Bacon, 1 lb. of Havarti Cheese and one box of Sesame Water Crackers in mouthwatering…


Six-Pack Gift Box Plus Pears

…and potassium, making them as healthy as they are delicious. Pears are a fruit lover’s favorite, known for their extreme juiciness and sweet, succulent flavor. They’re also a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C and they also pair well with cheese. Contents * 8 Navel Oranges * 3 Seasonal Pears

Starting at$34.99

Pear Variety Sampler Box

…flesh and a complex flavor, and versatile D’Anjou pears with a slightly citrus taste. Pears are wonderful eaten out of hand, or pair them with cheese for a real gourmet treat. * Fruit gift * Four distinct pear varieties * An affordable and thoughtful gift Contents * 2 King Comice Pears * 2…

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Christmas Buffet Box

…incredible combined with our creamy, imported Havarti Cheese. What a delight and so easy to serve! * Buffet box with meat, cheese, fruit and nuts * A food gift with lots of variety * High quality smoked meat is ready to serve * Imported cheese and premium fruit * Great gift for those who entertain…

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Family Gourmet Gift Basket

…and ready to just heat and serve) with a jar of spicy Sierra Nevada Stout Mustard to serve as the main dish, while light and creamy Touvelle Cheese with crispy Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers serve as sides. We’ve even included dessert: 4 Rio Ruby® Red Grapefruit, 2 King Comice…

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Quarter Bushels Plus Comice King Pears

…their extreme juiciness and sweet, succulent flavor. They’re also a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C and they also pair well with cheese. No need to tell them the healthy part; they’ll enjoy the taste. * Orange and pear gift box * Premium fruit makes a great gift * Healthy and delicious…

Starting at$42.99

Dozen Cartons Plus Pears

…where the climate is ideal for producing the sweetest, juiciest pears. This pear variety has a creamy texture that’s perfect for pairing with cheese or just enjoying on their own. * Grapefruit and pear gift box * Ships fresh at peak ripeness * Quality you can’t find in stores Contents * 12 Ruby…

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Deluxe Fruit & Snacks Gift Box

…gatherings, this ultra-tempting gourmet gift box has it all: fruit, cheese, sausage and snacks! We've combined Navel Oranges, Fuji Apples, King Comice Pears, Clementines, sweet-and-savory Apple Summer Sausage, spicy Jalapeno Beer Cheese (perfect for dipping!), Butter Braid Pretzels and Cashew and…

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King Comice Pears

…the “pear-fect” gift. With a creamy texture and abundant juice, these pears are a favorite for eating fresh in hand or pairing with cheese. This prime fruit is grown in the Hood River Valley of Oregon, a fertile “pear-adise” with rich, volcanic soil, cool nights, warm days…

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Starting at$26.99

Deluxe All-Occasion Gift Basket

…friends, family and more freshly picked citrus and orchard fruits * Sweet and savory snacks include a mix of nuts and dried fruits plus sharp cheddar cheese * Comes packed in a reusable sturdy, handwoven gorgeous gift basket * 18-pound gift assortment is ideal for large families Contents: * 4 Ruby…

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