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New York Crumb Cake

…but the crumbs are the best part. You know you've got a great crumb cake when the crumbs are piled twice as high as the cake, and they’re full of cinnamon and brown sugar flavor to satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings. This cake is perfect served with coffee for breakfast or dessert. * Authentic recipe…

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Fresh-Baked Pastries

Cinnamon Walnut and Cinnamon Apple Walnut Coffee Cakes Add some luxury to breakfast, teatime, or dessert with our hand-poured and carefully double-layered coffee cakes. Perfect to serve on a holiday morning, they make thoughtful gifts. Choose from traditional double-layered cinnamon walnut coffee…

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Pumpkin Streusel Bread

…and other foods typically found on a holiday table. The buttery, sweet, cinnamon streusel on top is just amazing! You can send this affordable and delightful streusel to everyone on your list. * Ship pumpkin bread to family and friends * Moist and delicious dessert * Topped with a cinnamon streusel

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Old World or Raspberry Baklava

…This traditional recipe features multiple layers of light, ultra-thin filo pastry, each covered with chopped California Walnuts blended with cinnamon and spice or raspberry puree. The thin layers are stacked atop one another, with honey drenched between each layer, and baked to a flaky goodness.…

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SugarN Spice & Everything Pecan

…candied pecans take it to the next level. We’ve combined our most popular flavors of candied Pecan Halves into one addictive gift. Orange, Praline, Cinnamon, and Amaretto pecans are cooked to a rich, crispy goodness and arrive in a silver gift box. * 3 flavors of candied pecans * Great gift for nut…

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Related Categories Nycc | New York Crumb Cake | Crumb Cake | Ycc | Yac | Coffee Cake | Cake | Kosher