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Founders Favorites

No one knows citrus and snacks better than our founders, Howard Pittman and Frank Davis. This gift box carries with it their 80 years of providing only the finest farm-fresh fruit and gourmet treats delivered to the doorstep of your friends and loved ones. We know you expect the best, so we deliver…

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Triple Variety Citrus Assortment

Triple Variety Citrus Assortment Why choose one variety of citrus when you can send three customer favorites in one sweet package? This affordable gift packs a lot of flavor into one carton that’s just the right size for singles or couples. They’ll enjoy sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, seedless,…


Citrus Delights Gift Basket

Citrus Delights Gift Basket Enjoy all your favorite citrus varieties nestled together in a stylish, reusable metal fruit basket! Our Citrus Delights Gift Basket contains 2 Clementines, 4 Tiny Tim Navels, 2 Ruby Gems Grapefruit, and 4 Tangerines. Each juicy bite bursts with tangy sweetness! *…

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Sol Zest™ Mandarins

…Zest™ Mandarins are sure to impress anyone with gourmet taste buds. What makes this citrus so special? Our Sol Zest™ Mandarins are specifically ripened to bring you the sweetest, easy-peel citrus available anywhere. Only a tiny percentage meets our standards for flavor and freshness!…

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Starting at$29.99

Honey Mandarins

Honey Mandarins Bursting with juice and sweet as honey, the Honey Mandarin might well be one of the tastiest petite citrus fruits on earth. Their thin skin peels easily to reveal the extra sweet, tender flesh and deep orange juice hidden inside. These golf ball-sized beauties are the perfect size…

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12 Month Harvest-A-Month Lite Club

…fruit for a full 12 months! Our Harvest-a-Month Lite club is sized just right for singles or couples. A stunning variety of fruit, everything from citrus to pears, mangos and more, will arrive at their door for a full year. You can’t get fruit this fresh in stores! Each monthly delivery is another…

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Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit

Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit Two of our most popular citrus fruits come together in one delightful gift! Sought-after Honeybells are easy to peel, full of juice, with a sun-sweet flavor you can’t find in other varieties. They’re only available in a single, limited harvest. We pair them with our…

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Starting at$34.99

Honeybells & Treats

Honeybells & Treats Our sweet and tart Golden Honeybells are citrus perfection. Incredibly juicy and honey-sweet in favor, Honeybells are a rare and special treat. They’re only available in a single harvest, so we’re betting that your friends and family have never tried one. This gift…

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Half-Bushel Bountiful Basket

…Navel Oranges. These are our two most popular citrus varieties, so they’re sure to please anyone on your gift list. Choose grapefruit, oranges or a mix of both to suit the tastes of your friends and family. An easy and festive gift. * Half bushel of citrus * Choose Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges…

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Starting at$59.99

Simply Citrus 5 Month Club

Simply Citrus 5 Month Club Save 12% Send some heartfelt warmth during the late fall through winter months with this gift of citrus straight from the Sunbelt. Your lucky gift recipients will enjoy fruit so sweet and fresh, they can’t find it in stores…. And they’ll have you to…

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Grapefruit Spoons

…or even large oranges. The spoons easily separate the flesh from the peel so you can enjoy every juicy bite. Set of 4 dishwasher-safe spoons. Great gift for citrus lovers, or for your own kitchen. * Set of 4 grapefruit spoons * Serrated edge easily separates fruit from membrane * Dishwasher safe

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Citrus Value Packs

…This huge box is filled with our Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges, offering friends, family or clients a steady supply of the freshest, best citrus money can buy. Ruby Red is the star of the grapefruit lineup because it’s sweeter than other varieties; no sugar needed! Originally discovered in…

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Starting at$94.99

Tangerines & Treats Gift Box

Tangerines & Treats Gift Box Send the perfect citrus gift for people of all ages. Our fresh-picked Tangerines are healthy yet sweet, easy to peel, seedless, and sized just right for lunches and snacks. We’ve made this gift box even more tempting with some of our most popular snacks. Our Tutti…

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Lemon Creme Almonds

…The first taste is a burst of fresh, bright, creamy lemon surrounding the crunchy almond, and the finish just melts in your mouth. A fantastic flavor combination you won’t want to miss! * Almonds in a lemon crème coating * Fresh citrus taste with a crunchy almond * Packed in a reusable gift tin

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Starting at$27.99

Valentine Navels, Ruby Reds & Tangelos

Navels, Ruby Reds & Honeybells Three distinctly wonderful citrus fruits combined for a sure-to-please gift. Classic, extra-sweet Navel Oranges. World famous, sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit. Our exquisitely rich, sweet Honeybells. Perfect for everyone on your list. (Available January through March.)…

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Starting at$29.99

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangelos

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Tangelos Three distinctly wonderful citrus fruits are combined in a sure-to-please gift. They’ll enjoy an assortment of classic, extra-sweet seedless Navel Oranges, our world famous, sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit and our exquisitely rich, mildly sweet,…

Starting at$29.99

Half-Bushel Cartons

…Half-Bushel Gift Box of Orange and Grapefruit Send two favorite citrus varieties in one big package! Our Texas-sized, sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit is paired with seedless Navel Oranges to keep your lucky friends and family enjoying premium citrus from breakfast to snack time. All are hand-selected,…

Starting at$49.99


…simplicity and quality. * Affordable citrus fruit gift * Our best-selling grapefruit in a six-pack size box * Quality fruit at a great price Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit Six-Pack Combo Gift Box 3 Grapefruit and 4 Navel Oranges Send our two most popular citrus fruits—sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit and…

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Starting at$29.99

Fresh Fruit Rainbow

…gift list. * Fruit variety gift * Citrus and more * Gift for hard-to-buy-for people Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 4 Red Delicious Apples * 4 Seasonal Pears * 4 Navel Oranges Fresh Fruit Rainbow Lite A smaller version of our best-selling Fruit Rainbow, this citrus and orchard fruit gift is just…

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Starting at$29.99

Harvest-A-Month Lite Club™

…fruit for up to 12 months! Our Harvest-a-Month Lite club is sized just right for singles or couples. A stunning variety of fruit, everything from citrus to pears, mangos and more, will arrive at their door for a full year. You can’t get fruit this fresh in stores! Each monthly delivery is…

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Starting at$72.99

Tiny Tim Navels

Tiny Tim Navel Oranges Our Tiny Tim Navels are proof that good things do come in small packages! These super-sweet and juicy cuties are small in size so they’re perfect for snacking, but huge in bright, sparkling flavor. Includes 24 Tiny Tim Navels in each box.. * Petite Tiny Tim Navel Oranges *…

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Quarter Bushel

…Sweet grapefruit doesn’t need sugar Contents * 9 Ruby Red Grapefruit Quarter Bushel Gift Box Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges Two can’t-miss citrus favorites make the perfect gift. This box is filled with Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges to keep them enjoying premium fruit from breakfast…

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Starting at$34.99

Holiday Sugar Belles

…miniature Honeybells, but they are a hybrid citrus created when our fruit experts crossed world-famous Honeybells with tangy, flavorful Clementines. The result is something unlike your friends and family have ever tried! This exceptional citrus can’t be found in stores; in fact, it’s…


Sweet Surprises Christmas Gift Bag

…can have many uses after the gift is opened. Use it to store ornaments or ribbon! A gift with citrus from Pittman & Davis is truly something special. Because less than five percent of the total citrus crop meets our quality standards, less than one person in a thousand has tasted grapefruit of this…



citrus variety was first discovered by Father Clement Rodier in the garden of his orphanage in the 1890s. Today, patient natural breeding by Spanish monks has developed a petite, seedless, easy-to-peel fruit that you and your friends will love. * Clementine fruit basket * Easy-peel, sweet citrus

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Creamy Citrus Cheesecake

Creamy Citrus Cheesecake Take our famous Honeybell Tangelos and cross them with rich-and-creamy New York cheesecake, and what do you get? Our Creamy Citrus Cheesecake! One luscious bite will instantly transport you back to your childhood with its familiar orange-cream frozen treat flavor. This…

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Simply Citrus Clubs

Simply Citrus Clubs The Simply Citrus Club allows you to send the ripest, healthiest citrus to family, friends, or clients each month, all responsibly sourced and shipped in the US. This generous gift keeps you in their hearts and minds every time they receive another shipment and enjoy a delicious…

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Starting at$99.99

Noel Custom-Wrapped Citrus

…Ruby Red Grapefruit or a mix of Ruby Red Grapefruit and seedless Navel Oranges. So affordable, you can send one of these citrus gift boxes to everyone on your list! * Citrus gift with NOEL message * Ship high quality fruit to friends and family * Choose Ruby Red Grapefruit or grapefruit with Navel…

Starting at$42.99

Simply Citrus 7 Month Club

Simply Citrus 7 Month Club Save 15% Our most generous Citrus Club gift is a whopping seven months of goodness delivered straight to the doorstep of family, friends, and clients. This is the gift to send when only the best will do. Your quantity discount is 15% off list price plus free shipping! From…

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Holiday Fruit Wreath

…with our wreath-shaped box full of citrus and treats. Tied with a festive bow, this food assortment is artfully arranged in the shape of a wreath, with some fruit items wrapped in holiday paper for a little extra sparkle. This gift delivers juicy citrus including a seedless Navel Orange, sweet…

Starting at$39.99

Blood Orange Truffle Melts

…taste buds. The hint of citrus flavor, combined with the creaminess of the chocolate ganache, make these truffles something spectacular and memorable. Your gift recipients will be impressed and request them every year. Keep some on hand for yourself too. * Chocolate and citrus truffles * Exclusive-…

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Big Ears Bunny Basket

…sweet Ruby Gems Grapefruit, along with delicious treats including 10 oz Sweet Temptations Snack Mix, 6 oz. Gummy Fruit Salad, 6 oz. Jelly Belly ™ Citrus Mix, and 6 oz Cinnamon Caramel Pecan Popcorn - all packed in our adorable fabric bunny ears basket. This Easter basket will make anyone hop for…


Texas Two-Step

…incredibly sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, two juice laden Comice Pears, two honeyed, seedless Clementines, two delectable D'Anjou Pears with a hint of citrus flavor, two fabulous Fuji Apples and two seedless Navel Oranges. Fruit is the perfect gift. Food always fits, and premium fruit like ours tastes…

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Glad Tidings Gift Box

…salty and crunchy White Chocolate Christmas Tree Pretzels. Good news indeed! * Snowman gift box with gourmet foods * Contains small, snack-sized citrus and orchard fruitsA perfect holiday gourmet food assortment Contents: * 3 Tiny Tim Navel Oranges * 3 Mini Fuji Apples * 3 Princess Pears * 5.3 oz.…


All-Occasion Gift Basket

All-Occasion Gift Basket It’s true – no matter what the occasion, this basket of fruit and treats will serve as the perfect gift. Plucked at the peak of freshness are juicy and seedless Navel Oranges, crisp and sweet Fuji Apples and mellow decadent and creamy King Comice Pears. Also on…


Tropical Mangoes

…that makes them one of the most popular fruits around the world. When ripe, the flavor resembles a combination of a peach or nectarine with a hint of pineapple and a splash of citrus overtones. It's hard to describe the exact flavor of sweet mangoes, but we do know that it's out of this world!

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Starting at$29.99

Cara Cara Oranges

…These exotic, exquisitely sweet Cara Cara Navel Oranges are bright orange outside, but inside they are a beautiful deep rosy red. This extra-juicy citrus variety has a complex flavor with floral undertones, making them a wonderful gift that can’t be found in stores. Originally discovered at the…

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Starting at$24.99

24 Mini Honeybells

…and juicy, and sure to become a favorite fruit. A hybrid between a grapefruit and a tangerine, these little beauties are a perfect gift for any citrus lover. Don't wait, Honeybells are only available once a year during the month of January and when we are lucky early February. * Juicy and seedless…

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Pear Variety Sampler Box

…Starkrimson Pears with a pleasing floral aroma, Bosc Pears, with a dense flesh and a complex flavor, and versatile D’Anjou pears with a slightly citrus taste. Pears are wonderful eaten out of hand, or pair them with cheese for a real gourmet treat. * Fruit gift * Four distinct pear varieties * An…

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Honeybells & Treats Deluxe

Honeybells & Treats Deluxe Celebrate sunshine and farm-fresh flavors with this bountiful gift box full of our finest citrus and tree-ripened fruit. These are the flavors we’re famous for, delivered perfectly ripe and ready. We’ve combined this healthy fruit—full of antioxidants,…

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Family Gourmet Gift Basket

Family Gourmet Gift Box Fill their feasting table with an array of sumptuous gourmet delights with our Family Gourmet Gift Basket! This handsome, reusable basket arrives packed with a mouthwatering Boneless Smoked Peppered Ham and Boneless Turkey Breast (both pre-cooked and ready to just heat and…

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Winter Fruit Medley Gift Basket

Winter Fruit Medley Bring color and variety to a drab, dreary winter’s day with our Winter Fruit Medley! Packed in a reusable gift basket are 3 plump Rio Ruby® Red Grapefruit, 4 juicy and seedless Navel Oranges, 4 sweet and crisp Fuji Apples, 4 creamy King Comice Pears, and – perhaps…

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Quarter Bushel Bountiful Basket

…someone’s day extra bright with our most popular fresh, delicious citrus. These handmade in Texas orchard baskets are packed full of sugar-sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, or juicy Navel Oranges, or a mix of both. * Quarter bushel of citrus * Our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit, seedless Navel Oranges or…

Starting at$34.99

4 Variety Spring Pack

4 Variety Spring Gift Box Each juicy bite in this box of Spring Fruit Varieties is bursting with springtime flavor! Three famously sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, four juicy Navel Oranges, four Cara Cara Navels and five Honey Mandarins come together to showcase spring’s best citrus flavors.


Deluxe All-Occasion Gift Basket

…in a sturdy, reusable water-hyacinth basket, this deluxe basket truly is a treat for any occasion! * Send friends, family and more freshly picked citrus and orchard fruits * Sweet and savory snacks include a mix of nuts and dried fruits plus sharp cheddar cheese * Comes packed in a reusable sturdy,…

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Dozen Cartons

…Navel Oranges are America’s favorite, so you can’t go wrong with this grove-fresh citrus gift. * Extra large Ruby Red grapefruit * Seedless Navel Oranges * Finest quality; you can’t find it in stores * Gourmet citrus shipped fresh Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 12 Navel Oranges The Dozen Gift…

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Starting at$39.99

Family Favorites

…don’t forget the chocolate and nut lovers! This gift answers the question “What would they like?” delivered right to their door for the holidays. * Variety food gift * Send citrus, candy, chocolate and cookies * A wonderful balance of healthy citrus and indulgent treats * An ideal gift for families


Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

…far away and keep some on hand at home to deliver to neighbors and hostesses. Two 10.5 oz. boxes of chocolate orange sticks are included in this more than generous gift. * Rick dark chocolate * Chocolate and citrus flavors make a winning combination * Orange jelly center Contents * 2 10.5 oz. boxes

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