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Georgia Peaches

…only the top few percent that meet our standards for fragrance, size and flavor. Our peaches are tree-ripened to perfection in southern Georgia and picked only when they are sweet and juicy. In fact, with each bite the sweet juice will be dripping down your elbows. It's like natural fruit candy!

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Smoked Turkeys - Traditional or Seasoned with Lemon Pepper

…and naturally smoked using traditional old-fashioned smokehouse methods. For a fabulous fresh flavor, try our authentic smoked turkey with lemon Juice and ground Pepper Seasoning. Whether you send this top-quality turkey as a gift or serve it yourself, your family will remember its outstanding…

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Moms Lemon Bars

Just like the lemon bars Mom made when you were a kid. These are moist and creamy, made with real lemon juice and set in shortbread crust. Maybe even better than Mom's!


Starkrimson Pears

…them into salads to show off their brilliant color. Unlike any pear you have ever tried, the Starkrimson has a subtle floral aroma that will leave you wanting and craving more. * Bright red pear variety * Subtle floral aroma * Sweet pear flavor with lots of juice * A welcome gift for the holidays

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Texas Two-Step

…when they try two of every fruit in our winter lineup. This exciting gift box includes two extra large, incredibly sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit, two juice laden Comice Pears, two honeyed, seedless Clementines, two delectable D'Anjou Pears with a hint of citrus flavor, two fabulous Fuji Apples and two…

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Honeybells Honeybell Tangelos are rare that you may have never tried one. They’re so sweet and full of juice, they’re sure to become a favorite fruit. A cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, these little beauties are distinguished by their bell-shaped tops—but the real story is the honey-like…

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Honeybells & Ruby Red Grapefruit

…Ruby Red Grapefruit Two of our most popular citrus fruits come together in one delightful gift! Sought-after Honeybells are easy to peel, full of juice, with a sun-sweet flavor you can’t find in other varieties. They’re only available in a single, limited harvest. We pair them with our sugar-sweet,…

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Honey Mandarins

Honey Mandarins The Honey Mandarin might well be one of the tastiest citrus fruits we have found yet. Bursting with juice, sweet as honey, and almost entirely seedless, the Honey Mandarin ranks as one of the tastiest of its kind in the world. We are very happy to now offer them to our valued…


King Comice Pears

…Pears If you have a pear lover on your list, our box of large King Comice Pears makes the “pear-fect” gift. With a creamy texture and abundant juice, these pears are a favorite for eating fresh in hand or pairing with cheese. This prime fruit is grown in the Hood River Valley of Oregon, a fertile…

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Related Categories Peaches | Georgia Peaches | Pc1 | Whole Smoke Turkey | Pc2 | Georgia | Pc3 | Candy