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Lil Princess

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Lil Princess Pears - Baby Comice, Perfect for snacking

Lil’ Princess Pears Our Lil’ Princess Pears are succulent, extra sweet baby Comice Pears in a smaller size. These pears are well known for their extreme juiciness and creamy texture. The miniature size is great for packing in lunches or anytime snacking. These are picked and packed fresh into a…

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…all the same fragrant, juicy flavor in a downsized version. Tiny Tim Navels are sweet, seedless and easy to peel, while Lil’ Princess Pears offer all the creamy goodness of our Comice Pears in a smaller size. Contents * 3 Ruby Gems Grapefruit * 6 Tiny Tim Navels * 4 Lil’ Princess Pears


Singing All The Way Sleigh

…after the food is gone. This gift satisfies every craving: it includes sweet, snack-sized Tiny Tim Navel oranges dripping with juice, Lil’ Princess Pears (our mini version of creamy Comice pears), and crisp Mini Fuji Apples. They’re all picked and delivered at their peak of freshness.…


Petits With Treats

…a smaller version of our famous Rio Ruby™ Red. Tiny Tim Navels are loved for their small size, sweet juice and easy-peel skins. Lil’ Princess Pears are our snack sized version of Comice Pears with the same sweetness and creamy texture. Kids will love the Jelly Belly™ Christmas…


Truck o’ Christmas Treats

…sideboard for festive family gatherings. Fill it with your favorite wrapped candy to enjoy it throughout the holiday season. Contents * 3 Fuji Apples * 3 Clementines * 2 Lil' Princess Pears * 6 oz. Pecan Caramel Popcorn * 5 oz. Jelly Belly™ Christmas Mix * 1 Christmas tree-shaped rice crispy treat

Related Categories Pears | Comice Pears | Prin | Baby Comice Pears | Pear Gifts