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Half-Bushel Cartons

…in stores! * Send a half bushel of citrus * Grapefruit and orange gift * High-quality fruit gift Contents * Approx. 22 lbs., Half Grapefruit, Half Navel Oranges Half-Bushel Gift Box of Navel Oranges Send a big box of luscious Navel Oranges for a sweet gift that’s big enough to share. Packed to the…

Starting at$49.99

Cara Cara Oranges

Cara Cara Oranges These exotic, exquisitely sweet Cara Cara Navel Oranges are bright orange outside, but inside they are a beautiful deep rosy red. This extra-juicy citrus variety has a complex flavor with floral undertones, making them a wonderful gift that can’t be found in stores. Originally…

Starting at$24.99

Navel Oranges

oranges to family and friends Contents * Six-Pack Gift Box: 8 Navel Oranges (SKU BO) * Quarter Bushel Gift Box: 12-14 Navel Oranges (SKU CO) * The Dozen Gift Box: 16 Navel Oranges (SKU AO) * Most Popular: Half Bushel Gift Box: 24-26 Navel Oranges (SKU 3O) * Bushel Gift Box: 48-52 Navel Oranges (SKU…

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Starting at$29.99

Tiny Tim Navels

…Tim Navel Oranges Our Tiny Tim Navels are proof that good things do come in small packages! These super-sweet and juicy cuties are small in size so they’re perfect for snacking, but huge in bright, sparkling flavor. Includes 24 Tiny Tim Navels in each box.. * Petite Tiny Tim Navel Oranges * Seedless…

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Honey Mandarins

…for a limited time, so get your fresh Honey Mandarin Oranges before they’re gone for the season. * Honey Mandarins, shipped fresh in season * Give these as a gift or order for your own household * Virtually seedless and easy to segment * One of the most sought-after Mandarin oranges available

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Valentine Navels, Ruby Reds & Tangelos

…Navel Oranges. World famous, sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit. Our exquisitely rich, sweet Honeybells. Perfect for everyone on your list. (Available January through March.) Contents V3XT * 4 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit * 8 Navel Oranges * 12 Honeybells VCXT * 2 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit * 4 Navel Oranges

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Starting at$29.99

Merry Christmas Greetings Box

…Navel Oranges in a gift that has something for everyone. The greetings box contains a chocolate bar with the phrase "Merry Christmas," along with two large chocolate and caramel pecan Panda Paws and 24 chocolate covered pecans. The chocolate is surrounded by 14 large, juicy, seedless Navel Oranges,

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Dozen Cartons

…Navel Oranges * Finest quality; you can’t find it in stores * Gourmet citrus shipped fresh Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 12 Navel Oranges The Dozen Gift Box of Navel Oranges Send America’s favorite orange to family and friends. They’ll love our seedless, extra-sweet Navel Oranges, just drippin'…

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Starting at$39.99

Bushel Cartons

…carton of grapefruit and oranges * Great for breakfast or snacking * Order for yourself and always have some on hand Contents * About 42 lbs., Half Ruby Red Grapefruit, Half Navel Oranges Bushel Gift Box of Navel Oranges Send a generous selection of orchard fresh Navel Oranges to keep them smiling…

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Starting at$74.99

Citrus Value Packs

…welcome gift. Seedless, sweet and easy to peel, they’re full of vitamins C and A, fiber and potassium, making them as healthy as they are delicious. * Large and generous fruit gift * Sweet and seedless Navel Oranges * Full of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants Contents * Approx. 60 lbs. Navel Oranges

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Starting at$94.99


…for anyone. At this great price, you can send a box to everyone on your gift list and keep some on hand for yourself. You can’t miss with this one: best-selling, top-quality and affordable. Win! * Premium quality Navel Oranges * Sweet and seedless * Big flavor, small price Contents * 8 Navel Oranges

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Starting at$29.99

Fresh Fruit Rainbow

…rainbow of colors. We ship a mouth-watering combo of tree-Ripened Ruby Red Grapefruit, Crisp Red Delicious Mountain Apples, Sun-Sweetened Navel Oranges and Luscious Pears. . The colorful fruit makes a pretty presentation and the variety of flavors will please everyone on your gift list. * Fruit…

Starting at$29.99

All I Want for Christmas

…gift to suit any size household. * Premium fresh fruit, shipped anywhere * An easy gift that suits anyone * Two sizes to suit any household Contents NPOS * 6 Comice Pears * 6 Navel Oranges * 1 Box of Chocolate Orange Sticks NPO2 * 3 Comice Pears * 3 Navel Oranges * 1 Box of Chocolate Orange Sticks

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Starting at$29.99

Sunburst Tangerines

…for years. With gifts in various sizes starting from under $30, there’s one just right for everyone on your gift list. With their rich orange color, easy-peel rind and sweet-tangy flavor, citrus just doesn’t get any better than our Sunburst Tangerines. Combine this can’t-miss…

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Starting at$29.99

Simply Citrus Clubs

Oranges, classic and satisfying * December: 12 Clementines, sweet and easy to peel * January: 12 Honeybells, a rare hybrid not generally available in stores * February: 12 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit * March: 12 Honey Mandarins, sought-after yet hard to find * April: 8 Cara Cara Navel Oranges,

Starting at$99.99

Quarter Bushel

…part; they’ll enjoy the flavor. * Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Orange gift box * Tasty and healthy * A thoughtful gift for anyone Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 6 Navel Oranges Quarter Bushel Gift Box Navel Oranges Navel Oranges are America’s favorite variety and they always make a welcome…

Starting at$34.99

Dresden Stollen

…Yuletide classic since the fourteenth century, Stollen is a special cake-like bread made with plump raisins, citron, pineapple, lemon, cherries and oranges in a richly dense buttery pastry dusted in powdered sugar. Send it to friends and family; they’ll adore this old-world holiday tradition. It’s…

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Starting at$32.99

Dozen Cartons Plus Pears

…juiciest pears. This pear variety has a creamy texture that’s perfect for pairing with cheese or just enjoying on their own. You can’t go wrong with a best seller! * Orange and pear fruit gift * Gourmet quality not available in stores * Shipped fresh Contents * 16 Navel Oranges * 6 Seasonal Pears

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Starting at$49.99

Winter Sweet Petits

…They’re pampered with exactly the right mixture of water, sunlight, and rich Rio Grande Valley soil. Tiny Tim Navel Oranges pack all of the juicy, seedless flavor of our regular Navel Oranges into a smaller treat. Sweet baby Comice Pears are well known for their extreme juiciness and creamy texture.…

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Texas Two-Step

…two honeyed, seedless Clementines, two delectable D'Anjou Pears with a hint of citrus flavor, two fabulous Fuji Apples and two seedless Navel Oranges. Fruit is the perfect gift. Food always fits, and premium fruit like ours tastes indulgent, yet is entirely healthy. It’s perfection, times two!…


Grapefruit Spoons

Grapefruit Spoons, Set of 4 The serrated edges of these unique spoons make them perfect for digging into our delicious grapefruit, or even large oranges. The spoons easily separate the flesh from the peel so you can enjoy every juicy bite. Set of 4 dishwasher-safe spoons. Great gift for citrus…

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Simply Citrus 7 Month Club

Oranges, classic and satisfying * December: 12 Clementines, sweet and easy to peel * January: 12 Honeybells, a rare hybrid not generally available in stores * February: 12 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit * March: 12 Honey Mandarins, sought-after yet hard to find * April: 8 Cara Cara Navel Oranges,

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4 Variety Spring Pack

4 Variety Spring Gift Box Each juicy bite in this box of Spring Fruit Varieties is bursting with springtime flavor! Three famously sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, four juicy Navel Oranges, four Cara Cara Navels and five Honey Mandarins come together to showcase spring’s best citrus flavors.


Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit & Tangelos

Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit and Tangelos Three distinctly wonderful citrus fruits are combined in a sure-to-please gift. They’ll enjoy an assortment of classic, extra-sweet seedless Navel Oranges, our world famous, sugar-sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit and our exquisitely rich, mildly sweet,…

Starting at$29.99

Triple Variety Citrus Assortment

…seedless, sweet Navel Oranges and seedless, easy-peel Clementines. Each bite is juicier and sweeter than the last! At under $25, you can afford to send this thoughtful citrus variety to everyone on your list. * Citrus assortment gift * Includes Grapefruit, Oranges and Clementines * Affordable…


Honeybells & Treats Deluxe

…Shortbread Butter Cookies and crunchy, sweet Cinnamon Caramel & Pecan Popcorn. Ships in January; reserve yours today! Contents * 6 Honeybell Oranges * 2 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit * 3 Fuji Apples * 3 King Comice Pears * 6 oz. Chocolate Covered Cherries * 6 oz. Cinnamon Caramel & Pecan Popcorn…


Gummy Fruit Salad

…flavors combined in an addictive, sweet and sour gummy candy. Our grapefruit gummy candy has long been a customer favorite, and now we’ve added orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon and lime flavors to the lineup. Shaped like real fruit and sprinkled in sugar, these are guaranteed to go fast. They look…

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Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast with Orange Chipotle Sauce

…Turkey Breast with Orange Chipotle Sauce Add some spice to your holiday! Fully cooked, boneless turkey breast - one of our most popular authentic smoked meats - has finally found its perfect mate. Our exclusive Orange Chipotle Sauce is made with fresh, sweet tree-ripened oranges coupled with the…

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Starting at$49.99

Caribbean Treats Gift Box

…the warm Caribbean, and now you can have all of the flavors of the tropics delivered to your own home! Three Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, four Navel Oranges, one moist, delicious Golden Rum Cake (4 oz.) and 1 lb. Peanut Colada Snack Mix with peanuts, banana chips, coconut, pineapple, cranberries and…

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SugarN Spice & Everything Pecan

…Halves into one addictive gift. Orange, Praline, Cinnamon, and Amaretto pecans are cooked to a rich, crispy goodness and arrive in a silver gift box. * 3 flavors of candied pecans * Great gift for nut and sweet lovers * Jumbo pecans Contents * 12.8 oz. Orange, Praline and Cinnamon/Amaretto Pecans

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Uncle Dicks Sampler

…fruit, cheese, meats and more. It’s named for Ned's brother, Dick Davis, who would have loved this combo! We've combined King Comice pears, Navel Oranges, 1 lb. of Canadian Bacon, 1 lb. of Havarti Cheese and one box of Sesame Water Crackers in mouthwatering assortment that anyone is sure to enjoy.…


Yuletide Trays

…* 12 Navel Oranges * 4 Tangerines * 2 Rio RubyTM Red Grapefruit * 2 Apples * 2 Pears * 5 oz. Oatmeal Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies * 8 oz. Chocolate Crunch Popcorn * 4-Way Nut Assortment * 3 oz. Orange Bark * 3 oz. Toffee Bark * 4 oz. Foiled Chocolate Balls * 1⁄4 lb. Blood Orange Truffles

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Starting at$46.99

Ruby Red Grapefruit and Navel Oranges

…and 4 Navel Oranges (SKU BX) * Quarter Bushel Gift Box: 6 Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit and 6 Navel Oranges (SKU CX) * The Dozen Gift Box: 6 Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit and 12 Navel Oranges (SKU AX) * Most Popular: Half-Bushel Gift Box: 8-10 Rio Ruby Red Grapefruit and 12-13 Navel Oranges (SKU 3X) * Bushel…

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Starting at$29.99

Memorable Holidays Assortment

Oranges * 3 oz. French Butter Cookies * 7 oz. Coastal British Cheddar * 1 box Crackers Deluxe Memorable Holiday Assortment Note: Substitutions may occur if there are shipping restrictions to the ship to state. Apples do not ship to Canada. * 6 King Comice Pears * 2 Mountain Apples * 2 Navel Oranges

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Starting at$44.99

Half-Bushel Bountiful Basket

…Navel Oranges. These are our two most popular citrus varieties, so they’re sure to please anyone on your gift list. Choose grapefruit, oranges or a mix of both to suit the tastes of your friends and family. An easy and festive gift. * Half bushel of citrus * Choose Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges

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Starting at$59.99

The Christmas Collection

…including sweet Navel Oranges, crisp Mountain Apples and juicy King Comice Pears. It’s made even more irresistible with Butterscotch Candies, award winning, hand-stretched Peanut Brittle, crispy Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies, and three exclusive Pittman & Davis Blood Orange Truffles. It’s buttery,…

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3 Month Harvest-A-Month Lite Club

…households * This gift is a great value Monthly Fruits * January: Minneola Tangelos * February: Cara Cara Oranges * March: Honey Mandarins * April: Ruby Red Grapefruit * May: Navel Oranges * June: Tommy Atkins Mangos * July: Pineapples * August: Kent Mangoes * September: Bartlett Pears * October:…


6 Rio Ruby Red grapefruit, 6 Navel Oranges, Plus 6 King Comice Pears

…part; they’ll enjoy the taste. This is a perfect solution for those hard-to-buy-for people on your gift list. Sweet! * Grapefruit, orange and pear gift box * Fruit boxes make great gifts * Healthy and delicious * Appeals to all ages Contents * 6 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 6 Navel Oranges * 6 Pears

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Noel Custom-Wrapped Citrus

…Grapefruit and seedless Navel Oranges. So affordable, you can send one of these citrus gift boxes to everyone on your list! * Citrus gift with NOEL message * Ship high quality fruit to friends and family * Choose Ruby Red Grapefruit or grapefruit with Navel Oranges Contents NOEL * 12 Large Ruby Red…

Starting at$42.99

Harvest-A-Month Lite Club™

…shipment is picked at its peak of freshness Monthly Fruits * January: Honeybells * February: D'Anjou Pears * March: Cara Cara Oranges * April: Honey Mandarins * May: Navel Oranges * June: Peaches * July: Bing Cherries * August: Tropical Mangoes * September: Bartlett Pears * October: Fuji Apples *…

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Starting at$72.99

Quarter Bushel Bountiful Basket

…or juicy Navel Oranges, or a mix of both. * Quarter bushel of citrus * Our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit, seedless Navel Oranges or a mix of both * Comes in a reusable basket Contents ZR * About 9 Ruby Red Grapefruit ZX * About 5 Ruby Red Grapefruit * About 7 Navel Oranges ZO * About 15 Navel Oranges

Starting at$34.99

Family Favorites

…Ruby Red Grapefruit is so special that only 1 in 1,000 people have tried anything like it. Our Tiny Tim Navel Oranges have the same seedless and easy-peel qualities you love in standard oranges, but in a smaller size for little hands or for snacking. The White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookies are…


Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks

Dark Chocolate Orange Sticks Send this to a dark chocolate fan for a can’t-miss gift. Sweet, tangy orange gel candy, covered in exquisite, rich, dark chocolate form a harmony of scrumptious flavors they won't be able to resist. These delectable orange sticks make a great after-dinner treat, but…

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3 Month Harvest-A-Month Club

…tasteful gift of gourmet fruit. Pick a start month and gift gourmet fruit for 3 months: * January: Honeybell Tangelos * February: Navel Oranges * March: Cara Cara Oranges * April: Ruby Red Grapefruit * May: Pineapples * June: 10 lb Vidalia Onions * July: 2 Personal Watermelons * August: 6 Tropical…

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Blood Orange Truffle Melts

Blood Orange Truffles Want to send a gift that can’t be duplicated? Our exclusive Pittman & Davis Blood Orange Truffles are only available here! Our truffles are so creamy, rich and decadent you won't believe your taste buds. The hint of citrus flavor, combined with the creaminess of the chocolate…

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3 Grapefruit, 4 Navels Plus 3 Pears

3 Grapefruit, 4 Navel Oranges Plus 3 Pears One of our favorite packages. Three can’t-miss fruit favorites combine in an affordable gift they’re sure to appreciate. This sampler is filled with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Navel Oranges and Pears to keep them enjoying premium fruit from breakfast to bedtime.…


American Grown Assortment

…be proud giving. 4 Ruby Red Grapefruit, 4 Navel Oranges, 3 sweet, petite Tiny Tim Navels, 6 oz. Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries, and 6 oz. American Grown Snack Mix. It’s your new American tradition. Contents * 4 Ruby Red Grapefruit * 4 Navel Oranges * 3 Tiny Tim Navels * 6 oz. Chocolate Covered Bing…


From Our Tree to Yours

…premium fruit into a festive tree shape to help say Merry Christmas in a most delightful way! Tree-Ripened Ruby Red Grapefruit, large, juicy Navel Oranges and crisp Fuji Apples form a tree. Red and green gift boxes containing extra large pistachios and deluxe mixed nuts are tucked under the tree…

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