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Sweet Peaches

Sweet Peaches The incredible peach flavor and tantalizing aroma is what makes Pittman & Davis Sweet Peaches so amazingly irresistible. We hand-select only the top few percent that meet our standards for fragrance, size and flavor! Our Sweet Peaches are tree-ripened to perfection and picked at…


Georgia Peaches

Georgia Peaches Many peach fans believe that a fresh, sweet Georgia peach is the sweetest, juiciest, most flavorful peach you can eat. The reason for this legendary, sweet-peach flavor has to do with Georgia's weather: hot and humid day and night through the summer, which means our Georgia Peaches

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Peach Streusel Cake

Peach Streusel Cake Plump, sweet peaches, and moist, buttery cake batter combine in this cake sensation that will be a welcome gift for any occasion. What could make this better except for the crumbly butter and sugar streusel topping? Enjoy it straight out of the package or try it warm with ice…

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Nectarines 9 Nectarines. Nectarines are similar to a peach but have a smooth skin. They are super juicy and have a fragrant aroma and mouthwatering, sweet flavor. Our nectarines are grown in ideal conditions in the sunny San Joaquin Valley of California.


Tropical Mangoes

…have a juicy, exotic flavor that makes them one of the most popular fruits around the world. When ripe, the flavor resembles a combination of a peach or nectarine with a hint of pineapple and a splash of citrus overtones. It's hard to describe the exact flavor of sweet mangoes, but we do know that…

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Harvest-A-Month Club™

…June: 6 Peaches * July: 2 lbs. Bing Cherries * August: 6 Tropical Mangoes * September: 8 Bartlett Pears * October: 12 Fuji Apples * November: 12-14 King Comice Pears * December: About 18 Ruby Gems Note: Substitutions may occur if there are shipping restrictions to the ship to state. Peaches and Bing…

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Harvest-A-Month Lite Club™

…Navel Oranges * June: Peaches * July: Bing Cherries * August: Tropical Mangoes * September: Bartlett Pears * October: Fuji Apples * November: Comice Pears * December: Ruby Red Grapefruit Note: Substitutions may occur if there are shipping restrictions to the ship to state. Peaches and Bing Cherries…

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