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Spring Petits Fours

Spring Petits Fours Sumptuous little cakes layered with sweet, fruit flavored cream and finished with a layer of smooth chocolate in lovely pastel colors. Finish your Easter brunch with these beautiful, dreamy cakes and you will be in pastry heaven.


Tiny Tim Navels

Tiny Tim Navel Oranges Our petite Navel Oranges are so sweet, we named them Tiny Tim after the little boy in A Christmas Carol. This citrus packs all the juicy, seedless flavor of our regular Navel Oranges into a smaller treat perfect for snacking or packing. Gift includes two dozen oranges and…

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Clementines The Clementine is a petite, easy to peel, sweet seedless citrus fruit that you and your friends will love, especially when it arrives in a festive red holiday basket. Proof that good things do happen to good people, the Clementine’s heavenly flavor was discovered by Father Clement Rodier…