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Honey Mandarins

…in the world. We are very happy to now offer them to our valued customers for a very limited time, so don’t delay; order yours today! This citrus variety is generally not available in grocery stores due to its limited growing season. * Honey Mandarins, shipped fresh in season * Give these as a gift…

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Gummy Fruit Salad

…candy has long been a customer favorite, and now we’ve added orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon and lime flavors to the lineup. Shaped like real fruit and sprinkled in sugar, these are guaranteed to go fast. They look pretty on your party table too. Shipped in a reusable gift tin. * Fruit flavored…

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Texas 1015 Onions

…at the National Sweet Onion Challenge. Available Now! The 1015 Onion's succulent, crisp, sweet flavor is so mild you can slice and chop it without shedding a tear. We will hand select colossal, sweet Texas 1015's (four inches in diameter) and ship them farm fresh to you Your eggs, hamburgers and…

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Starting at$29.99
Related Categories Honey Mandarin | Oranges | Available Now