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Tiny Tim Navels

…charming story of Tiny Tim. Order some for families with children or keep some on hand for yourself for stocking stuffers. * Petite Tiny Tim Navel Oranges * Seedless and easy to peel * Great for snacking and packing in lunches * Comes with a charming story about Tiny Tim Contents * 24 Tiny Tim Navel…

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Pecan Shortbead Cookies

…the best way to describe our newest cookie? Short and sweet! With the traditional crumble of an English shortbread and little bits of pecans, these tiny cookies pack a punch of flavor. Makes a wonderful gift for cookie lovers and families with kids, or keep some on hand for your own holiday table. *…

$26.99 $13.50

Royal Havarti Cheese

…tangy, semi-soft cheese is named after a farm near Copenhagen where it was created. The rindless cut surface is a creamy yellow with a myriad of tiny irregular holes. Its buttery taste is ideal served on sandwiches or crackers or paired with wine. * Havarti cheese gift * Semi-soft cheese with a…

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Starting at$24.99

Joyful Giving Gift Box

…irresistible butter crunch toffee with cashews. This one checks all the boxes: fruit, chocolate and nuts. You can’t go wrong. Bonus: it has a tiny price tag but it’s so luxurious, they’ll never guess. * Variety food gift box * Fruit, nuts and chocolate * Great gift for singles or couples Contents…

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Related Categories Oranges | Ttn | Tiny Tim | Navel Oranges | Navel