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Tiny Tim Navels

…charming story of Tiny Tim. Order some for families with children or keep some on hand for yourself for stocking stuffers. * Petite Tiny Tim Navel Oranges * Seedless and easy to peel * Great for snacking and packing in lunches * Comes with a charming story about Tiny Tim Contents * 24 Tiny Tim Navel…

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Royal Havarti Cheese

…tangy, semi-soft cheese is named after a farm near Copenhagen where it was created. The rindless cut surface is a creamy yellow with a myriad of tiny irregular holes. Its buttery taste is ideal served on sandwiches or crackers or paired with wine. * Havarti cheese gift * Semi-soft cheese with a…

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Joyful Giving Gift Box

…irresistible butter crunch toffee with cashews. This one checks all the boxes: fruit, chocolate and nuts. You can’t go wrong. Bonus: it has a tiny price tag but it’s so luxurious, they’ll never guess. * Variety food gift box * Fruit, nuts and chocolate * Great gift for singles or couples Contents…

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Related Categories Tiny Tim | Ttn | Oranges | Navel Oranges | Navel