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Honeybells & Treats callout
Honeybells & Treats
Honeybells & Treats
Preorder for Jan, 2021

For a truly special taste treat or gift, buy our one-of-a-kind Honeybells. This rare citrus is a unique cross between the richly flavored Dancy Tangerine and the extra-sweet Duncan Grapefruit. Rich in color and unbeatable in taste and juiciness, these little citrus delights are harvested only in January—sometimes for a short time in February.

When you send Honeybells as a gift, they’ll be delighted.

Because only less than one in 5,000 people have ever tried one—with such a short harvest and extra juice, they’re not available in stores. This special citrus treat needs the pampering treatment of Pittman and Davis to pick, pack and ship to retain their sweet freshness.

Nutrition Information

  • 40 calories
    • 0 g. fat
    • 11 g. carbohydrates
    • 8 g. sugars

These make an unforgettable gift!