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You'll especially love these special citrus fruit gifts and baked gourmet gifts from Pittman and Davis... all priced as low as $10 to $20. Be sure to treat yourself by also enjoying your own Pittman & Davis gift, as well!


They'll love our sumptuous large sweet Ruby Red Grapefruit. An attractive gift at an attractive price. Order one just for the kids!... DETAILS >

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6 Ruby Red Grapefruit
Order #BO
8 Sweet and Juicy Navel Oranges
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Grapefruit Spoons

A nice set of four citrus spoons -- perfect for enjoying each mouth-watering bite of our delicious fruit!


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4 Grapefruit Spoons
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Paperwhites & Decorative Tin

These festive flowers grow incredibly fast – indoors! A multitude of bright, sunny white flowers will burst forth within 4-6 weeks and the sh... DETAILS >

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Paper Whites in Container
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Fresh Fruit Delivered for Any Occasion
Pittman and Davis offers a variety of fresh citrus gifts. Choose from sweet navel oranges, big ruby red grapefruit and Texas Grapefruit, to other seasonal fruit selections, such as Pears, Clementines, Tangelos and other gourmet fruit gift ideas. Texas Grapefruit and other Texas Citrus are our specialities! Send citrus gifts for all occasions, from an anniversary, birthday or corporate gift idea, to even a wedding. Pittman & Davis' gifts taste as delicious as they look!

Fruit Delivery Guarantee
Our guarantee is simple: You'll be absolutely delighted with every citrus fruit gift and gourmet food item you send or we'll either replace your gift, or refund your purchase price. Start shopping today for your citrus gifts. Order from Pittman and Davis, directly at PittmanDavis.com

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