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Ruby Red Grapefruit Crate

Ruby Red Grapefruit Crate

What better way to send the highest-quality, orchard-fresh fruit than in our vintage style crate? This citrus gift has a hint of nostalgia, with our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit packed as if you found it at a roadside stand. Ruby Red Grapefruit is hailed as the best variety because it’s so sweet, you won’t need sugar. And you can’t get any fresher than ours unless you pick it yourself!

Crates like this one became popular around the year 1900, when artists designed distinctive fruit labels for each family farm. The art depicted sunny, colorful groves and became synonymous with the farmer's good name.

  • Orchard-fresh Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • Shipped in a vintage-style crate
  • A thoughtful and nostalgic gift


  • 8 Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • 8 Ruby Red Grapefruit

Ruby Red Grapefruit Crate

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