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Giant Amaryllis

Fascinating! These exotic, festive flowers grow amazingly fast - indoors! You pick the color: Red Lion (Red), Minerva (Red & White Striped), or Apple Blossom (Pink & White Striped.)  Each bursts forth with five to seven huge, brilliant blossoms on multiple 14" stalks. These bulbs arrive securely packaged with bulbs, pot and clean coir (coconut fiber) planting disk. Complete planting instructions are included.  In 4-6 weeks, the beauty will completely unfold and the show will last for weeks. With proper care, they will bloom again, year after year.  Even better, for a small amount, you can add the beautiful embossed tin to any order!

Order #PAR (Red Lion Amaryllis) ... $19.96

Order #PAW (Apple Blossom Amaryllis) ... $19.97

Order #PAS (Red/White Strip Amaryllis) ... $19.98

Order #PA3 (One each Red Lion (red), Minerva (red/white), & Apple Blossom (pink/white) Amaryllis) ... $34.70

Order #PARP (Red Amaryllis with Embossed Tin) ... $28.80

Order #PAWP (Apple Blossom Amaryllis with Embossed Tin) ... $28.75

Order #PASP (Red/White Amaryllis with Embossed Tin) ... $28.70

Order #PA3P (3 Varieties of Amaryllis with 3 Embossed Tins) ... $58.60

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