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Sol Zest™ Mandarins

Sol Zest™ Mandarins

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Sol Zest™ Mandarins IN SEASON: December-January
This snackable treat arrives just in time for the holidays and is eagerly anticipated by fans of its sweet, mild yet tangy flavor. A seedless, easy-to-peel mandarin, Sol Zests are a great gift for families.

Sol Zest™ Mandarins
Sol Zest™ Mandarins
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Sol Zest™ Mandarins

Sol Zests are a type of Mandarin orange that’s seedless, easy to peel and very sweet. They’re a great treat for kids and families. Developed in Israel, our Sol Zest™ Mandarins are a cross between a Temple Orange and a Dancy Tangerine.

These gourmet citrus treats have exquisite flavor and generous juice. They are smaller than other mandarins, but not tiny. Sol Zest™ citrus fruit is less round than a traditional orange, with a squatter shape. Sol Zest peels are thin, golden orange in color, and easy to peel. The flesh is very juicy, with a sweet, delicate, fruity flavor that’s easy for kids to love. In fact, it’s a great “starter citrus fruit” for kids, and Sol Zest™ Mandarins make great additions to lunch boxes!

  • Sol Zest™ Mandarins are seedless with a sweet, delicate flavor
  • Available for only a short time, our Sol Zests are shipped at their peak of ripeness and freshness
  • A hit with the kids due to their size, sweetness and easy-to-peel skins
  • Sol Zest™ Mandarins are a great gift, alone or with our famous Ruby Red™ Grapefruit

Sol Zest™ Mandarin Nutrition

Talk about a great, light, low-calorie snack! Like many citrus fruits, Sol Zest™ Mandarins are packed with vitamin C (a key nutrient for immune system function, healing wounds, and maintaining healthy skin), as well as minerals and antioxidants and soluble fiber. While you’ll love eating them out of hand, the sections also make a great addition to a green salad. They’re snackable size makes Sol Zest™ Mandarins perfect for packing in a take-along lunch, too.

A typical Sol Zest™ Mandarin orange contains:

  • 40 calories
  • 0 g fat
  • 9 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g fiber
  • 8 g sugar

Sol Zest™ Mandarin Gifts by Pittman & Davis

Here is a gift that’s as good as gold! Pittman & Davis Sol Zest™ Mandarin Oranges are a rare treat and only available for a limited time (from December to January, in fact). You won’t find them in your local supermarket, so we’re willing to bet that no one on your gift list has ever tasted one! A fresh fruit delivery from Pittman & Davis is always a great choice, because your fruit delivery will always be fresh and perfect, and our choices of fruits and snacks make unique gifts. Even better, food always fits!

Your best bet is to order a box of premium Sol Zest™ Mandarins from Pittman & Davis! Alone or paired with our famous Ruby Red Grapefruit, a Sol Zest™ Mandarin gift box is guaranteed to delight your recipients. Just don’t forget to order some of these beauties while you’re at it, because once Sol Zest™ Mandarin oranges are gone for the season, they’re gone!

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