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Sumo Citrus®

With a taste as big as their name, Sumos are the perfect snack when you’re in need of some serious refreshment. Super-sweet with rich, tangy undertones, Sumos are a citrus hybrid combining a satsuma, mandarin and sweet orange.

Perfect for portable lunches, the seedless Sumo has a bumpy rind that separates from the fruit so easily, you may peel it off in one continuous strip! Underneath, the firm, fragrant flesh is juicy without being drippy, and so sweet and satisfying it practically melts in your mouth. The Sumo’s large size makes it your go-to snack if you’re feeling just a bit hungrier than usual, but still want something light.

Treat yourself, friends and loved ones to this unique, incredibly healthy, and delicious snack while the season lasts! These rare treats are only available for a short time, so order now. (Available January through April)

  • Super-sweet, super-sized Sumo Citrus
  • Satsuma/mandarin/orange hybrid with tangy-sweet flavor
  • Seedless with a bumpy, easy to peel rind
  • Contains more than a day’s allotment of vitamin C
  • Juicy without being drippy – great for portable lunches

Sumo Citrus®

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