5 Fruits That Grow Well In Georgia

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Georgia is well known for many things. However, the Georgia peach is so imbedded in Georgia’s history that it was designated as the state’s official fruit in 1995. The Georgia peach has even been included on Georgia license plates since 1996. This is no surprise since peaches from Georgia are luscious, mouth-watering, sweet-tasting, and are a favorite treat during summer. Many people travel to Georgia just to get a taste of this wonderful fruit.

Georgia Fruits

It could be the climate, landscape, or the soil, but the state of Georgia produces premium fruits that are enjoyed by locals as well as out-of-state buyers.

Here are the top 5 fruits that grow well in Georgia:

  1. Blueberries: Georgia may be most often associated with Peaches, but blueberries provide the state with three times more revenue and are considered Georgia’s most profitable fruit crop. Blueberries are easy to grow and maintain, plus they are in high demand because of their numerous health benefits. Blueberries are high in nutrients, filled with antioxidants that can reduce DNA damage, help lower blood pressure, and have been shown to prevent heart diseases. The Rabbiteye blueberry is the variety that grows well in the south and has the best growing and fruiting rate success.
  2. Peaches: sweet peaches are not native to Georgia but were originally from China. However, the Peach Trees have acclimated well to Georgia’s climate and weather, which are perfect for their growth. Just a few years after they were planted, trees started producing exquisite fruits that soon graced dinner tables and picnic blankets. This summer, send delicious peach gifts to family and friends. Summer is peach season and you can often find fruit stands lining the roadside with fresh peaches for sale. If you live far away and find it impossible to drive by Georgia’s fruit stands, you can always check online and order peach baskets and get them shipped to your intended recipient.
  3. Apples: apple trees are best grown in regions with cold winters and mild summers and Georgia has both. Georgia boasts a subtropical climate combined with continental weather from the east and lots of crisp cold air from the mountain ranges. The hardy apple trees can be found in orchards in northeastern Georgia covering 600 acres of land. Popular apple varieties like Ozark Gold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Empire, and more are primarily grown in Gilmer County and are in peak season from July to December.
  4. Watermelons: Did you know that Georgia is the 3rd leading watermelon producing state in all of the United States? The industry generates $100 million per year and occupies as much as 25,000 acres of land. Watermelons from Georgia are available from June to August and most of the watermelons we buy for the 4th of July are from this area. Georgia’s top 5 watermelon producing counties are Crisp, Dolly, Tift, Wilcox and Worth.
  5. Pears: very much like Peach trees, Pear trees are hardy trees that have acclimated well to Georgia’s climate and soil, and can be successfully grown all over the state. However, although three important pear types are sold in the US market, only the Asian and Oriental pears are grown in Georgia as the European types, like Bartlett, are susceptible to fire blight.

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