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Georgia Peaches

Many peach fans believe that a fresh, sweet Georgia peach is the sweetest, juiciest, most flavorful peach you can eat. The reason for this legendary, sweet-peach flavor has to do with Georgia's weather: hot and humid day and night through the summer, which means our Georgia Peaches never take a break from producing sugar,

Tree-ripened to perfection in southern Georgia until they’re supremely sweet and juicy, these peaches are like natural fruit candy! Be warned – the season is short and the crop is small, so take advantage of these sumptuously sweet fruits while you can.

  • Tree-ripened to perfection in southern Georgia
  • Every bite drips with lovely, sweet and sticky juice
  • Hand-selected for quality, color, size and fragrance
  • Carefully packed so they arrive in perfect condition



  • Approx. 6 Peaches


  • Approx. 13 Peaches


  • Approx. 26 Peaches
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    • 6 Peaches


    • 13 Peaches


  • 26 Peaches
  • Georgia Peaches

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    6 Georgia Peaches

    # PC1 | Approx. 3 lbs.

    13 Georgia Peaches

    # PC2 | Approx. 5 lbs.

    26 Georgia Peaches

    # PC3 | Approx. 11 lbs.
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