Meet Your Citrus Crush this Winter!

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If you’ve recently been in the produce section of your local grocery store looking to buy citrus for yourself and/or your family, you may have noticed a weird-looking, oversized fruit with a bumpy orange rind and an unusual sort of topknot at the stem end that you’ve never seen before. That is what’s known as a Sumo Citrus®, and if you’ve steered clear of them up to now, we’re here to tell you you’re missing out!

Why You Should Give Pittman & Davis Sumo Citrus® a Try

Not that we can blame you…from what we’ve seen, the Sumo Citrus® in stores looks a bit dingy, which can be a bit of a turn-off. If you order citrus online from Pittman & Davis you can be sure your Sumo Citrus® will look a lot healthier, because we make a point of inspecting every piece of fruit we set aside for citrus delivery by hand to ensure it’s the best possible fruit available. But maybe you know that already and you still aren’t interested in including Sumo Citrus® in the citrus fruit boxes you regularly order. If that’s the case, we urge you to reconsider, because this rare (in the USA, anyway) fruit really is a treat to eat!

Where do Sumo Citrus® Come From?

Originally developed in Japan (where the fruit is known as a dekopon), Sumo Citrus® (so called because of the bump on the stem end that resembles a sumo wrestler’s traditional topknot) are a hybrid citrus gift make up of a satsuma, a mandarin, and a sweet orange. They’re very juicy, very sweet, and, thanks to their large size, a fabulous, ultra-healthy snack for when you’re feeling extra hungry.

Sumo Citrus® Make Great Gifts

If you plan to send any citrus fruit baskets as gifts this winter, Sumo Citrus® are a great choice because they can be hard to find. You won’t find be able to include them if you’re hoping to send Texas citrus gift baskets, though – while the Lone Star State is a great location for growing some types of citrus, USA-grown Sumo Citrus® (which is currently grown only in California’s San Joaquin Valley) is not one of them. Sumo Citrus® trees weren’t grown in the US at all before 2011, and the trees have to be at least four years old before they start producing fruit. Moreover, they’re very temperamental and need lots of pampering and have a short growing season (January to April).

This, combined with the fact that Sumo Citrus® is delicate and needs to be hand-picked, make them an exotic gift choice. Moreover, they’re delicious, with a rich, tangy-sweet flavor, and easy to peel with very little pith. They also make a great gift for people who can’t normally eat citrus due to the acid content – Sumo Citrus® are quite low in acid.

So this winter, if you’re looking for a special citrus treat for yourself or a loved one – go big with Sumo Citrus®!

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