What is the Difference Between Sweet Onions & 1015 Onions?

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What’s the difference between a sweet onion and a Texas 1015 onion, you ask? Well, Texas 1015 onions are a type of sweet onion, so basically, while all Texas 1015 onions are sweet onions, not all sweet onions are Texas 1015 onions.

What are Texas 1015 Onions?

A better question might be, “what is a Texas 1015 sweet onion? Also known as Texas sweet onions, the Texas 1015 variety is so named because it’s generally planted on or around October 15. That means they’re ready to harvest during the spring and through the summer – just in time to add full-bodied, mouthwatering flavor to your hamburgers and steaks during barbecue season.

Around the size of a softball, Sweet Texas 1015 onions are average around 10-15 centimeters in diameter, and are globular to slightly oblong in shape. Like many sweet onions, the bulb is encased in a thin, yellow, papery skin with a flaky, dry, and brittle. Underneath the skin, the off-white flesh is juicy, crisp, and firm with many layers of even rings that can be easily separated (this makes them a popular choice for making jumbo-sized onions rings). The flesh has a mild, sweet flavor and succulent, tender texture.

How to Use Texas Sweet Onions

With a flavor and size as big as the state for which they are named, these gourmet onions are much in demand with culinary enthusiasts. Sweet Texas 1015 onions are fabulous both raw and cooked. Great for sautéing and grilling, they can be chopped fresh and tossed into salads or salsa, sliced and served in wraps and sandwiches, or minced into dressings and dips.

Texas 1015 onions can also be sautéed with eggs, cooked into pasta, grilled and served over meats and burgers, fried into onion rings, or mixed into stews, casseroles, quiches, and soups. Sweet Texas 1015 onions pair well with cilantro, avocado, celery, carrots, garlic, apples, tomatoes, dried cranberries, gruyere cheese, rice, meats such as poultry, beef, and pork, and spices such as cayenne, cumin, and allspice.

Where to Find Texas 1015 Onions

Prized for their mild, sweet flavor, the Texas 1015 Sweet Onion’s limited supply makes it in high demand. Grown throughout the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, it can also be found at farmers markets and specialty grocers across the United States. You can also find Texas 1015 onions online at Pittman & Davis!

You won’t have to worry when you buy onions online at Pittman & Davis – they’ll keep 1-2 months from their harvest date when stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place. These big, sweet gems make a great gift for grill enthusiasts, too, so if you’re looking to surprise your dad on Father’s Day, look no further. But don’t wait to place your order, because once these flavorful beauties are gone, they’re gone for another year!

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