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Texas 1015 Onions

Texas 1015 Onions

Try the National Sweet Onion Challenge Blue Ribbon Raw 1015 Onion. So-named because it is planted in mid October (10-15), this deliciously mild sweet Onion was chosen as The Blue Ribbon Raw Onion at the National Sweet Onion Challenge. Available Now!

The 1015 Onion's succulent, crisp, sweet flavor is so mild you can slice and chop it without shedding a tear. We will hand select colossal, sweet Texas 1015's (four inches in diameter) and ship them farm fresh to you

Your eggs, hamburgers and steaks will come alive with a mouth-watering, full-bodied flavor. You'll make superb onion rings because each cut slice forms almost perfect concentric circles. Storing suggestions and scrumptious family recipes are included. The supply of these colossal, premium sweet onions is limited, so please order early.

Texas 1015 Onions

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