Why Grapefruit is Beneficial for Diabetes Patients

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grapefruit for diabetes


Some people who are concerned about diabetes aren’t sure about fruit as a snack because they’re worried that grapefruits, oranges, apples, and other fruits are too high in natural sugars. The truth is that some fruits, like grapefruit, are great for diabetics. In addition to many other health benefits, the citrus grapefruit actually helps to control sugar levels in the body. Low in carbohydrates and high in both water and fiber, a large grapefruit goes far toward improving the function of many of the body’s different organs.

How is Grapefruit Good for Diabetes?

Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that regulates the amount of glucose, or sugar, in your blood. “Diabetes” refers to a group of diseases that cause insulin resistance, which leads to having too much sugar in the blood.

Grapefruit (like sweet Grapefruit from Pittman & Davis) is regarded as healthy for diabetics or pre-diabetics to consume because it has a low glycemic index that doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Grapefruit also contains a compound called naringin that can help improve glucose tolerance (particularly in those who have Type II Diabetes). Studies have shown that people who make grapefruit a regular part of their diet have a lower chance of insulin resistance as well as controlled sugar levels in the body.

In What Does Grapefruit Help Prevent Type II Diabetes?

Wondering what to give a friend who is diabetic or pre-diabetic? A grapefruit basket containing plump, sweet Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit from Pittman & Davis is a great choice!

Grapefruit is one of the healthiest snacks for people with diabetes because it’s low on the glycemic index, meaning it has little to no adverse effects on blood sugar levels. As mentioned before it’s high in fiber, which is not only great for your digestion; it also helps to slow the absorption of glucose in the body so that sugar is released more gradually into the bloodstream, keeping your blood sugar levels healthier.

Another health benefit of grapefruit that helps reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes is its high water content, which helps manage blood sugar levels in the body. Grapefruit is also very high in antioxidants that help to reduce risks of diabetes and diabetes-related health complications.

Foods that are high in water and fiber or more satisfying, leaving you feeling fuller, longer. This helps you control your weight by reducing unnecessary hunger. Obesity is one of the main causes of Type II Diabetes.

Ways to Enjoy Grapefruit

Our favorite way of enjoying our sweet, succulent Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit is fresh out of hand. It’s so sweet it never needs sugar – we just cut it in half, grab a spoon, and consider breakfast served! But there are lots of other great ways you can enjoy it, too:

  • Try adding slices to your salads
  • Mix it with yogurt
  • Juice it and drink up
  • Grill it and top it with cinnamon
  • Add it to a smoothie
  • Use it in a refreshing salsa

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use your Pittman & Davis grapefruit delivery when it arrives! Save on the price of grapefruit by placing your order now and enjoy some of the brightest, sweetest, most flavorful grapefruit you’ll find anywhere.

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