5 Unique Thank You Gifts for Summer

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Express your appreciation by sending unique, mail order fruit gifts from Pittman & Davis! Whether you’re looking to thank a friend or family member for helping you out or a client or employee for services rendered, gourmet fruit gift baskets are a great way to say thanks because fruit always fits and is always appreciated!

Here are just a few of our favorite thank you gifts for this time of year:

  1. Peaches. Has someone been a “peach” to you? Show your appreciation with a gift of mail order peaches from Pittman & Davis! If you’re already moving on because you’re remembering the hard, flavorless peaches you got from your local grocer, WAIT – you won’t find peaches like ours in stores. Our luscious, juicy Georgia Peaches get their legendary sweetness from their home state’s warm, humid nights. Their season is extremely short, but if you missed them, don’t worry – our Sweet Peaches are just as irresistible, and are available a bit longer. The gratitude will be mutual when your gift of Pittman & Davis peaches is received!
  2. Tropical Mangoes. Show your appreciation with fruit boxes containing our incredible Tropical Mangoes! Mangoes have been coveted the world over for their unusual, tropical flavor, and ours are grown in South Florida so your recipient gets them at their height of perfection. Our mangoes are a unique, quality fruit gift that’s sure to surprise and delight!
  3. Onions. Will it surprise you to learn that our gifts of fruit include onions? If onions seem a strange way to say “thank you,” then you’ve probably never had any like Pittman & Davis’s Sweet Georgia Onions or award-winning Texas 1015 Onions! Big, flavorful, and delectably mild, these amazing onions make the best onion rings you’ve ever tasted and raise your grilled hamburgers to a new level. Once you and your gift recipients try them, you’ll have a hard time going back to store-bought onions!
  4. Gourmet Pears. No gourmet fruit gift basket would be complete without pears! You may have to wait until toward the end of the summer if you want to send a pear gift box (that’s when our juicy and delicious Bartlett Pears are available), but Pittman & Davis Pears are fruit gifts worth waiting for. There’s nothing dry or “woody” about our pears – they’re all juicy, creamy in texture, and excellent when eaten fresh or added to salad and other dishes. A great way to show your heartfelt thanks, you’ll be thanked in return for this gift!
  5. Citrus Fruit Gifts. You’ll have to wait until the season is right if you have your heart set on sending a citrus fruit basket, but if you have the time you won’t be sorry you did. An orange gift basket is always a hit, especially when it contains grapefruit as well as oranges. You don’t have to seek out Texas fruit companies to find the best grapefruit gift baskets – our Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit (the fruit that put us on the map!) grows to perfection in the Florida Indian River area, and we guarantee your gift recipients will never have tasted anything like it. A grapefruit and orange fruit basket or fruit boxes is always popular for those who like to order fruit gifts online from Pittman & Davis!

When you want to send fruit as a thank you gift, quality is everything, so you’ll find to select your gift from among the best mail order fruit shippers available. You can trust fruit send by Pittman & Davis, because your fruit is still on the tree at the time you order it to ensure it’s as fresh as possible. And we only hand select the highest quality of fruit before we carefully hand pack it and rush it to you or your gift recipient. You’re certain to find the best gift baskets that match your budget and suit the tastes of those on your thank you gifts list. And with our fruit gifts, free shipping is a given. There’s no better way to say “thank you” than with a fruit gift from Pittman & Davis!

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