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Florida Red Mangoes

Once known as “queen’s fruit,” tropical mangoes were a rare indulgence for anyone who didn’t live in India because their heavenly flavor is at its peak when they’re fresh-picked.

Thanks to Pittman & Davis, you can indulge in the incredible flavor of fresh mango! Grown in southern Florida, our Florida Red Mangoes are sweet, juicy and flavorful, with a taste that transports you to the tropics with every bite. Each plump, fragrant, and radiantly red fruit is handpicked at its peak of flavor, inspected to ensure it meets Pittman & Davis’s high-quality standards, and rushed to you so you enjoy this summer treat the way it was meant to be.

Florida Red Mangoes are as full of health benefits as they are of flavor, and wonderful when eaten out of hand, sliced over cereal, yogurt or summer salads, and used in smoothies, desserts and savory recipes. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll look forward to mango season every summer – enjoy them while you can!

  • Tropical red mangoes grown in southern Florida
  • Succulent, juicy stone fruit unlike anything you’ve ever tasted
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Carefully selected and packed and rushed to you or your recipients
  • A wonderful gift for yourself or someone else!

Florida Red Mangoes Grove

Florida Red Mangoes

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