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Texas Two-Step callout

Texas Two-Step

Sink in and savor our winter fruit pairings. Two of each and perfect for sharing. The moments when we connect with a friend, family member or even someone we just met are the times we cherish. As delicious as they are beautiful; 2 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit, 2 Seasonal Pears, 2 King Comice Pears, 2 seedless Clementines, 2 crisp Fuji Apples, and 2 sweet Navel Oranges. One for you and one for someone special. Ready to kindle a cherished moment.

• A thoughtful gift for friends, family or co-workers, or a treat for yourself
• Citrus fruit and orchard fruit – 2 of each variety, making each perfectly sharable
• Beautifully presented in our decorative packaging


• 2 Rio Ruby™ Red Grapefruit
• 2 Seasonal Pears
• 2 King Comice Pears
• 2 seedless Clementines
• 2 Fuji Apples
• 2 Navel Oranges

*Pear Seasons: King Comice Pears (Nov-Jan), Winter Red Pears (Feb-Mar)

Note: Substitutions may occur if there are shipping restrictions to the ship to state. Apples do not ship to Canada.

Texas Two-Step

Approx. 9 lbs.
Preorder for Nov

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Our Guarantee

If you or your recipients don't agree this is the most extraordinary food gift you have ever received, share your experience with us and we will do our best to make it right.
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Due to state restrictions, some of the shipments in this plan may have substitutions. Please review the details below before completing your order.